i need him back today

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i need him back today
Post # 1
Please give me a spell or a spell caster...i need to bind ny newly x back t me we are stil cordial n i am still n love with him..he needs t b guided back t me by any means necessary. Give me hope.. send responses t msilbox if u like. I can never fknd replies t my post.. i need to do this now please... i love him he loves me but hes asking for space and im getting suspicious..draw him back to me..
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Re: i need him back today
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
In relationships, usually woman feels earlier than man that love is coming to the end...when man is asking for a space, usually for two reasons, first is that he really want to make it over or he need a space to think and to check his feelings. But if you are still looking for a quick fix, then you need to learn simple basics to cast a spell,. This field is not a first aid box to fix your urgent matter, here mostly coming to learn. Look for more info here, do the search, use sense and chose what you are looking for.
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Re: i need him back today
Post # 3

Magick is not a quick fix for break ups. If someone leaves you, they usually have a reason. I understand you may have feelings, deep feelings for this person, but the answer to this would be to simply move on. Because doing a spell to make someone love you is known to control the person's free will to love. Wouldn't you rather the person be happy with someone else than have false love for you?

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Re: i need him back today
Post # 4
In English please? I barely understood any of that
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Re: i need him back today
By: / Novice
Post # 5
Ok, I'm going to say sorry now for what I am about to say. Now that that's out of the way. Magic is not used to get your boy friends or ex's or some guy you though was hot to be with you. It is the worst kind of magic there is. No one and I mean no one will cast a spell for you to do that. To much bad karma with it and no one I know wants to deal with that. If you really want them back than maybe give them the space talk to them and find out whats bugging them. For what it sounds like is that you are really young and with that being the case maybe you should just move on. Everyone loves everyone has a lose and everyone moves on. So instead of asking people to give you something that will do 100 time more bad than good maybe you should look into your self and decide if it right for you to really force someone to be with you.
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