protection,spells needed

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protection,spells needed
Post # 1
I am very serious for great spiritual protection spell to cast out evil that send against me.

Past months this people went to get me down without a course .
They voice out to my friends that they will kill me even leting mad.

i tried many times to send out this evil but i still feel this bad energies within the body.

please help me to cast out problems
if even any one will kindly support me on this before they get me.
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Re: protection,spells needed
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
If you feel that you are in physical danger, then you need to speak to the proper authority that can handle it and take the right physical actions and precautions. Move if possible. The insanity as to what people will kill others over is so alarming, it should never be taken lightly.

As long as the above is taken care of, I suggest the invocation of the golden light.

"I call the light of golden rays I seek protection thus', I pray. For heavenly forces at my side Angels, Sages, spirit guides Or wolves who walk with cunning skill Come to my aid! Come at my will! Black bird soaring, light my path So I am victim to no one's wrath! And when my journey at last succeeds, All those who aid me, Blessed Be!"

I've paired this with candle magick, using dragons blood to dress a white or golden candle, and using sandalwood as incense. I chant this, each time focusing on protecting on different levels for different things until the candle burns down. For instance, protection from...harm, accidents, physical, emotional, mental, trauma, health, etc. I've done it for men who have been deployed in the military and so far they all come back safe and sound.

I am not one to use other people's spells but I've always been fond of this one. I've been using it for over 10 years! It has a great rhythm to it when you get into chanting it and its easy to memorize.
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Re: protection,spells nee
Post # 3
Thank you WhiteRav3n for such rituals,
i am working on it.
and will get back to you when things works well ...
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Re: protection,spells needed
Post # 4
i will send a binding hex to the people that wish to send harm to you. so that thy will no longer be able to harm you with energywise.

but as far as physical wise i would recommend that you use an angelic light arrow or some type a very powerful light spell or banishing evil spell.
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