faeries embodied

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faeries embodied
Post # 1
I came to thinking, in a hypothetical context about how th great men of renown came to be, as mentioned in the book of Enoch. There are online videos of pictures of giant humanoid skeleton bodies, and which I am sure would be showcased as museums in some parts of the world. Anthropologists claim to have found human femurs the size and as tall as a man. In the book of Enoch it talks about how the Watchers, whose responsibility was to watch over the earth, decided to make children of their own, and mated with the women of the earth and bore giants. In essence, you got and what is described as giants, and here you see photos of these giant skeletal remains on the web.

The story of how demons became to be were from the disembodied souls of the great men of renown. Those half angelic giants half man. "There were giants in those days." Yikes.

So I was thinking about faeries and their being. You can find, amongst these video slide shows pictures of what to be small faery looking skeletal remains, along with pictures of these skeletal remains of giants. It makes me wonder if faeries, faery creatures, used to be at one time embodied, but still with all their magickal power and capabilities. It makes hypothetical sense, because you have all these creatures in and on the astral plane, including faeries, gnomes mermaids, demons and possibly fallen angels, who can be argued as demons.

Some believe faery creatures are still the working force behind plants, in nature. Truth is, as a some sort of witch, I know that if there isn't a working force behind a structure or a foundation to some working system, then that system cannot work anymore, without that spiritual backing. This includes the "mythological" workings behind gnome creatures, which are said to be basically a different class of nature spirits than faeries. In my mother culture, there are even detailed sketches of gnome creatures and oral descriptions of these spiritual beings, that dwell in nature. In my mother culture, or lore, there are said to be two basic kinds, the bad gnomes and the good gnomes. Here how the two gnome-like creatures are spelled out in mt mother tongue; irrcinraq & cingssiyaagaq. The first is the good and the second is the bad. Universally, we just call them this, as a pronunciation; "jin-see-auq."

That is probably the first time, in public history, that those names are ever mentioned to the public, online. History, in the making it is. This also makes an odd tribute to the, Green Man post, here online, having to do with the Green Man, as King of the nature spirits.

In summary, you have all these spirits on the astral plane, as well as humans, apparently. So if there is a spirit, and human souls are on the astral plane as well, then couldn't these other spirits possibly embody a body? Why not? There are remains of giant humanoid skeletons, which coincide with the belief of the great men of renown, in the book of Enoch.

"As well as all belief is prominent in us all, belief is only faith for everyone and anyone to falter." Self (MrGreen)
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Re: faeries embodied
Post # 2
It actually makes a lot of sense, when you look into beliefs on how animals have spirits, and when an animal dies, their spirit goes towards the mountains, for the gnome spirits to catch and return back to the land. That is one example of a belief, specifically from where I am from. Some people swear by it, because when a hunter catches his or her food, they are supposed to bury the head facing towards the mountains, because that is where the good gnomes live, which in return, will send back the animal spirits back into the land, for all of the land to dwell. And that is a prime example of respecting mother earth.

You see, we have all these beliefs scattered and they all make sense, but you just got to piece them together. I see all of paganism as a whole, with different aspects at different degrees, for different purposes, and in which vary for different regions and different people. And in that mindset, I hope the world can live as one, someday. I better stop, or I am going to start speaking in Yupik.
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Re: faeries embodied
Post # 3
If you ask me how I came to thinking of this, because I came to thinking of the Green Man. I am surprised no moderators said anything about this, because it doesn't quite fit in the realm of fluffy, but it does, but at the same time it makes you think. It presents a theory, and even in studies where things are presented by theories, they are only theories. The thing about facts, they have to be hard evidence. The thing about theories, they have to be popularized. And if you were to ask me what's in the minds of some, "It's compelling, but secretly compelling in the realms of our fantasies that we harbor. So, it is like the unspeakable secret, that intuitively speaks for itself." This post says; "You think and dream, you are curious and want answers, and you don't hold yourself to social norms, because you go out and find your own answers." This subset to this post says, "You dream and say, why not?" To the reader, they say, "This writer knows no bounds with his rhetoric; blunt and shockingly inspirational both at the same time, like velvet morning."

Even unto the heathens, in their respectable classical sense as pagans, I am weirder than the most peculiar. Can someone add a quote that would finish this short essay, nicely?
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Re: faeries embodied
Post # 4
You are what you are and that's all that you are.
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Re: faeries embodied
Post # 5
Oh, i like fairys. I wish they were real
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