Need help!!

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Need help!!
Post # 1
So i was harrassed by my ex and his father friday and saturday and now ive got so many emotions going through me like anger,sadness,confusion,and fear! I hate feeling all of these things and ive already told my parents as they threatened them with the police which makes me even more stressed and im 17 about to graduate in decemeber and was wondering if there is anything that might help me relieve some of these emotions espically being in fear.
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Re: Need help!!
Post # 2
take all those emothions, form them into a energy ball, send them special delivery back to sender. harrasment isnt something you should have to put up with. do something about it, but dont let them ruin you.
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Re: Need help!!
Post # 3
Even harrasment has to go with the threefold law so they will get it back. Harrasment is really bad so when they do get it, they will get it even worse. But you can do a protection spell or self cleansing to get rid of the negative energy.
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Re: Need help!!
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Well personally I find a great way to help my self calm down a little is various teas, although I appreciate it's not everyone's cup of tea (sorry its a terrible pun I know). There are a few points to making the tea though that are kind of important in my opinion. Number one obviously find something that works for you there are plenty of relaxing herbs out there but if the taste makes you cringe then it's probably best you find an alternative, personally I quite like a bit of a bizarre mix of mint and lavender. Also make sure to brew it right, the brewing is half the secret to relaxing with it, take your time to ensure you get the best possible result. I like to use fresh herbs but dried work just as well, just add less of them.

As I said this might not be the best solution for you but it works miracles for me when im all emotionally overloaded like that so I thought I'd share it just in case.
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