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Seeking Friends
Post # 1
I'm here to become completely versed in what it takes to make me feel spiritually complete. I understand and have practiced the basics, have had psychics and monks and empaths and all sorts of wonderful spiritual guidance in my life, but I'm on the crux of becoming a new person. I can feel it.

I lost my sense of self when I got pregnant. I used to be a very emotional person, able to key in on other people easily and even form bonds with them. I used my pendulum for daily divination and meditation, I used gems and herbs to try and gain their full potential in keeping me spiritually healthy.

I've fallen out of that life, however, and I miss it. This seems like a wonderful place to remind me of the kind of person I am inside.

I am really a novice to everything. I understand mediation and grounding, but I've lost my sense of others. I've never been able to "see" auras, but I could feel people, and that is completely gone.

I want to practice and be more dedicated to the study of wicca and paganism. I am also seeking a coven for guidance, although I understand that I will have to build myself up before I can rely on others.

I feel that this will be very good for me. I'm also looking for friends. =]

Hell all!
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Re: Seeking Friends
Post # 2

I'm also a novice, so maybe not much help in spiritual guidance, but I am a mom. Your body goes through so many changes during pregnancy, it's not surprising to find other changes as well.

Did you "fall out" of these practices because of not knowing the effects of herbs on your pregnancy? Or a sudden lack of interest? Depression? Understanding why you went through certain changes is key to getting over or accepting them, whichever it may be.

Good luck in all you do!
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Re: Seeking Friends
Post # 3
You seem very insightful. No that the only one who can truely lead you to the new you is you. But that doesn't mean others cant help you out with the process. There are many great people here who often offer guidence. But as with anything you may do, use common sense and if some one suggests you do something you are not comfortable with then don't do it. May the night empower you and the light guide you.
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