Odd dreams

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Odd dreams
Post # 1
Ifound this dream i recently had stuck in my mind. It was quite odd so bear with me okay? In my dream i was simming in clear water wearing a white flowy dress , a green turtle was beside me. I was dancing and the turtle was copying. After i got out of the water my dress turned black and i stopped to look at a sign that said the name of the lake i had been swimming in. The sign said " Lake despair". The scene changes and i am at a halloween party and grow wings to carry people across a busy road. I am really confused about this dream. Can anyone interprate this dream?
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Re: Odd dreams
Post # 2

The truth about dream interpretation is that it's all just psycho-analysis based off of varying theories. Not a single person can really tell you exactly why you see what it is you see when dreaming. Dreams are steam let off by your subconscious at the end of the day when your body is tired and needs rest. Dreams are basically what you think about when you're asleep. What something specifically means in your dreams can only be accurately depicted by you. No one knows your subconscious like you do and if you don't, but you want your dream interpretated, I suggest you figure it out.

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Re: Odd dreams
Post # 3
Thats confusing. How lond have you been seeing this dream?
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Re: Odd dreams
Post # 4
White dress could represent,your wish,which means you don't really have a wish,you are swimming in clear water,clear water could be clear mind or clear path...Green turtle,green is the color of friendship a small friend will have fun with you by dancing,Dress turning black and the name of the lake could be the dark ending,the change could be transformation into something to adept yourself to your surounding you grow wings and carry people,it could mean that you will save a few people from something dark a busy road is their life,they will be in some problems and with your help they will prevail....You are something like a helper...
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