Demons&My dreams. HELP!

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Demons&My dreams. HELP!
Post # 1
In my dreams they have become EXTREMELY LUCID!!! most of them are of me getting possised or seeing something trying to touch me,a demon mostly. some come true as i had a dream of my baby duck dieing next day it died,Dream of me under the moonlight holding a black cat then a few weeks later i saw that black cat outside of my house. i knew it was the cat from my dream by its eyes. Also i had a dream i snuck out at night and met this boy. The next day the guy who looked like the one in my dream messaged me on facebook! At night i hear something when im trying to get ready to fall asleep. but i KNOW im not even half asleep! i hear them tapping on my window,scratching,voices,etc.Im so scared :( im only 13 this is all true my father dosent believe me though..I see a lil girl,she looks like me i believe shes from my pastlife but the strange thing is i hear a mans voice.His voice sends me into crying my eyes out even if he says something not scary its the hole concept of this voice :( please help.
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Re: Demons&My dreams. HELP!
Post # 2

Wow, that is something. Here's what I would suggest:

  • Sprinkle you room with salt water while imagining that any negative force is being pushed away
  • Take a salty bath and soak in the water while imagining any negative force being pushed away from yourself
  • Get something soft that you've had since you were little and that you are still very fond of. Either put that thing under your pillow or sleep with it believing that while as long as you have it, you will have peaceful dreams
  • Before you go to bed tell yourself 10 times that you are going to dream and that you are in control. Then say what kind of dream you want to have and only think about that coming true.

By the way, if you are having visions of the future you may be becoming a psychic. This may be side effects of your increased awareness of the world. Many visions come through dreams.

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Re: Demons&My dreams. HELP!
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
seeing the demon shows that you are working within the astral plane while you are asleep, what you need to do is start to block any thoughts of the demon and little girl out of your head. Giving them the reaction is what makes them come back. Also it could be wise to use a banishing spell as well as Aura protection for better protection against them.
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Re: Demons&My dreams. HELP!
Post # 4
Thank you guys so much I will be sure to do this.
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Re: Demons&My dreams. HELP!
Post # 5

Another thing you can do is call on the angels to help you. You should have a guardian angel as well...if they have not helped so far, it may be simply because you haven't asked them yet.

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Re: Demons&My dreams. HELP!
Post # 6
Also it sounds like your only just getting to what your powers are and they all coming in @ the same time, since your so young this will happen more and more, as for the demons call ya angels in they should help and look into bannishing spells, hope this helps:)

PS you can MSG me for anymore help.
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