Odin in History

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Odin in History
Post # 1
Some times ago I read a very interesting article about Odin's Role in World War II,and the role of Odin in Hitler's downfall.

The most interesting figure is that of Colones Claus Philipp Maria Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg.Von Stauffenberg was born in Jettingen in 15/11/1907.Stauffenberg was a war hero in World War II,thanks to the loss of his left eye,2 fingers of his left hand and his right hand.

Strange ,but Odin,the Allfather also lacked an eye.And Tyr,the Norse God of War lacked his right hand that was bitten of by Fenrir.

Let us make a simple numerology about Stauffenberg:
-He made his Coup'd Etat in 20/07/1944.
That's 2+0+7=9 also 1+9+4+4=18.
9 is a sacred number for Odin.And 18 is 9x2 or better say,another 9 to the first 9.

-Claus died at the age of 36,in 21/07/1944.
His age was 36,3+6=9.
And the day he died was 21,2+1=3.3 is also a sacred number of Odin. 3x3 or else 3^2 are equal to 9.(9,is,actually,3 times 3).

On my opinion,Stauffenberg had became,without his free will,a messenger of Odin and Tyr sent to Hitler.For some reason,Hitler,that was a fanatic Odinist during WW1(there are some poesies in his ,betrayed Odin in some way and payed for it.But I think it's Odin's style to make him fail in an exemplar way,by destroying every single thing Hitler built(remember Germany right after the end of World War II),and let him survive the 20 July plot,to see this epic defeat.
The 2 possible betrayals are:
-Holocaust(Maybe Odin didn't want the genocide)
-Religion(Maybe Odin wanted Hitler to change Germany's religion to Asatru)

What's your opinion regarding the topic and,what I'm more interested,do you know any other cases of Odin making his appearence through history?
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Re: Odin in History
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2

Can you post where you found this?

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Re: Odin in History
Post # 3
I don't really know about all this... It seems highly unlikely that such an eloquent and wise god like Odin would be involved in ruthless and inhuman genocide and warfare. The Norse gods value a certain level of pride and respect, which Adolf Hitler failed to show on more than one occasion. Given Odin was not a great guy all the time, but I do not believe he would associate with a egomaniac killer like Hitler.

However some scholars do believe that the ancient Thraco-Cimmerian people were the ancestors of the Norse people. The nomadic Scythians of central Europe called these people "the iron people" or Aes. The Aes are thought to be descendants of the inhabitants of Asia Minor. The Aes are thought to have been drove out by the Greeks and because of this they wandered north until they could create their own stronghold settlement which they called Aesgard. Sound familiar yet?

Supposedly Among these great "iron people" or the Aes a mighty chieftain arose by the named of Odin. The Aes like many other civilization clashed with the Roman Empire and Odin managed to save his people and lead them into Northern Europe to find new land. He is said to have conquered these modern day countries; Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Germany. He is also said to have left a son on each of these thrones.

He then went on to establish his capitol in Odense, Denmark. It is said that he was worshiped as a God-King and ceremoniously carved his chest open nine times with his spear to show his strength and might to his people.

Again, this all seems a little far-fetched to me, but it sounds pretty well researched and I found multiple authors writing about this historical Odin. I'm not sure. When I see more research and archaeological evidence, I might be more open to the idea of a historical Odin.

I will of course include my sources of this information.

Myths of the Norsemen: From the Eddas and Sagas by H.A Guerber

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Re: Odin in History
Post # 4
@Personified,I've gathered various information and then wrote this article.
@CleverName,I've read some information like yours before and I don't believe them at all.In my vewpoint as Asatru,it's the judeo-christian masonry and historians and archaeologists associated with this masonry that spreads these false information to utterly crush Norse-Paganism.
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Re: Odin in History
Post # 5
That might be a legitimate point Arcadian. I'll have to ponder that and look into where my sources actually originated. Good thread by the way. Either way, this was a very interesting thread indeed.
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Re: Odin in History
Post # 6
You won't find anything,because it works like this:
The historians who make these declarations are part of the Masonic Groups.Ok,you find the name of the historian,but good luck finding the list of the Masonic Group members.Plus,there isn't just 1 Judeo-Christian Masonry,but tens of them if not hundreds.

You can go truth only by logic,and my logic tells me old Norsemen weren't as stupid as to call a man God.They were in the same stade of evolution as Ancient Greeks who invented Democracy,or Aztecs/Mayans who made wonderful Astrologic discoveries.Even if they worshipped a King as a god,why would they keep the tradition after his death?

And there is another point we should consider:That the Norse might have named their children after the gods,so there may have been just more than 1 King called Odin.

You have read your information here:

And my point is on another article: makes differences between various persons called "Odin" in history.And one of them seems to be the variation of the Babylonian god Adon/Nimrod.
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Re: Odin in History
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I'm really unsure about any of this.
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Re: Odin in History
Post # 8
LOL This thread makes me think too much
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Re: Odin in History
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
This thread has been moved to Heathenism from Misc Topics.
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