have fun with it

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have fun with it
Post # 1
Magic should have elements of creativity, imagination, a sense of adventure and a sense of wonder. Take it seriously but enjoy it. Laugh at your self sometimes. But have fun.
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Re: have fun with it
Post # 2
Creativity is considered a magickal anomaly in itself.

We all come across things, from time to time, and when we are discouraged, it could mean someone woke up in the wrong side of bed this morning. Then if you believe in your heart that you are completely wrong, then you can find it in your heart's desire to move along, and let the old things go.

Discouragement could mean your will has been broken to stoop down to those who are lesser than what you have to offer.

Yeah, have fun. There is no shame in fun. ;)
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Re: have fun with it
Post # 3
You are Cinderella Man, and magick is your time machine. Don't let others in that aren't willing to go to the same places that you are wanting.

You know there is a reason. . . Jk. I am going to stop right there. Right. . . Here.

And blessed be.
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Re: have fun with it
Post # 4
Exactly. Push the boundaries. Find out for your self what works and what doesn't. That is part of the adventure of magic. I look at all veiw points. I try to see the reasoning behind why things are believed to be real or impossible. But I learn best by doing.
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Re: have fun with it
Post # 5
Blessed be
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Re: have fun with it
Post # 6
You actually got a very good and a great point here. Not everything in the public occult world has been seen nor exactly heard of, because public occult world is an oxymoron.

You know, if I was born fifty years ago, in that time, in America, witchcraft was but a whisper. What was considered science fiction when Tesla was around, is now actually considered actuality now, in the science community today.

Listen to, Pursuit of Happiness, by Kid Cudi. Tell me what you know about dreams?

Tesla was considered a quack, in the science community. Now he is reverend as a man ahead of his time.

You see, the things in the occult world are going to be hard to find. Then you are going to have those old school 'teachers' who will drag you down, if they don't have the tolerance. Knowledge is cumulative, because the more you know that you know, you start to realize that there is more and more that you know that you don't know, then you will realize that there is exponentially more that you don't know that you don't know. What we know are but specs of dust in the world of occult knowledge.

You listen to the music that you like today, generally your parents won't like it. You wait long enough and then it is too late, because your kids are listening to music that you just might not like.

If you want to understand the occult world, you got to study the general populous of the occult world. You got to ask yourself questions about how and why others may be saying this and that, and why might it that these characteristics are showing up as patterns?

You see what I did? I came to you. I saw something and understood it. It is because people say things without saying things, when they don't mean to say things that gives themselves away.

Understand categorizations of witches and peoples' agenda, without asking explicitly, you then can navigate yourself for those very things that you look for. One small step into the unseen and one giant leap for everything unseen, to be seen.
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Re: have fun with it
Post # 7
Once you know what to look for, it becomes easier to find things, but every now and then, you find new things by accident. And accidents are new and sometimes fundamental new discoveries, crucial discoveries. All my accidental endeavors have been some of the most crucial points in my occult world. You know that saying, 'Not the smartest peanut in the stool'? You gotta think to yourself, 'The blood in the stool is called occult blood,' but you don't see the blood. Exactly, it is hidden.

Alright, I got to go hide myself.
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