Am new to magic

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Forums -> Introduce Yourself -> Am new to magic

Am new to magic
Post # 1
Am kinda luking 4 spell 4 practicing coz am new to magic
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Re: Am new to magic
Post # 2
Well, I can tell you right now, if you are new to magick, and if you are wanting to learn. It is taking the time to sit down and learn your basics. Bread and butter in magick is meditation and your chants/mantras, I'll tell you that much. For everything else in between, you may have to do a lot of reading, my friend. I would suggest, starting by learning the 8 Sabbats of the wheel, and from their I would presume that you would learn why you would do various things, on various holidays, and I see it as a great medium for learning about the horned hunter and the goddess. You learn principles, you learn symbolism and you just may find your path! Then from that 'path,' I would presume you can and would start practicing, because you learn some crucial things.

However, there is always free-will, whether you want to believe in free-will or not is your free-will. Magick isn't something you decide to just do, when you get out of bed. Maybe you decided today, but even then, it may take a while. Any wrestler or martial artist will tell you: the basics first.

If you find it hard for youself to sit still, for your meditations. You gotta be able to discipline yourself. What helps me be discipline is cleaning something that takes very fine detail and attention to, over a period of time. Because it is like, once you are able to take care of something that takes very fine detail, it is much easier to keep focus and will throughout something, like meditation. It is like we spend time cleaning our homes all the time. I take that time to an advantage and clean my home very well and precisely.

Good Luck.
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