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Post # 1
First off, let me start by saying that Fairies are real. Fairies are nature spirits. They dwell in gardens mainly. You can attract them by having lots of different flowers and leaves around your home. You can make a fairy home for them as well, as this will tell them that you are inviting them and giving them your hospitality. Fairies can be different shapes and sizes. They can be small, or as tall as you are. Fairies are kind and welcoming creatures only if you are kind to them. You cannot gain their friendship in just one invitation. You must approach them slowly and show them that you are not here to harm them. Let me be perfectly clear. Fairies will not come to you or help you if you have bad intentions. If you force them to do something, then that is even worse. You must be kind to them and they will be kind to you. I have also heard that singing is a good way to attract fairies as they love to sing. You can make Fairy Cakes as well as an offering.

I will say this now. This is not fluff. Is there anything in that paragraph that says you can turn into a fairy? No. Is there any spell in there to turn into a fairy? No. Sure, some of the things I said in there may seem child-like, but it is indeed true.

I hope that anyone with enough intelligence and common sense reads this and realizes the kind of creatures that lurk in the gardens and the forests spiritually, watching you.


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Re: Fairies.
Post # 2
Where can I find the recipe for fairy cakes?
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Re: Fairies.
Post # 3
You know I am a Dragon person myself but what you said was very Inspiring. Even though this kind of subject is considered your right faries are real just as any other creature is.
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Re: Fairies.
Post # 4
Meant to write fluff after consider.
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Re: Fairies.
Post # 5

Furst off faeires are not just in the garden... They are in multple places. They are directed by mainly four elments Air, water, Fire and earth. SPirit is ogften comibined with anothe element from studies. Fae are counted under different catgories. Som faeries In cultures are viewed to be like angels as others seen as devils as mentioned in the medieval Times. You can find faeries in your homes. Often called House faeries. Tree's, flowers, ocean, weather, etc. Often times though they are refered as natres spirits. Another name for faeries if you start looking into the culture and practice the good folk.



Fire- will'o wisp


Earth- satyr

I could go on but here is just a little eye opener to faeries.


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Re: Fairies.
Post # 6
What are fairy cakes exactly? I've heard that term a lot but I still don't know what it is.
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Re: Fairies.
By: / Novice
Post # 7
it's another name for cupcakes. you could also use it as an offering. though i've read certain faeries don't like food offerings with imperfections, especially a whole from a toothpick, so you shouldn't poke it to see if the cake's done if it's an offering. from what i know though, it's just a cupcake. but you could decorate it really cute and pretty.
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