love spell for another

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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> love spell for another

love spell for another
Post # 1
I was wondering if theres a spell to attract love for someone else,
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Re: love spell for another
Post # 2
you can do the spell for someone else but im not sure how to do it
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Re: love spell for another
Post # 3
Theres a lot of love spells on here. If it doesnt exactly fit your needs, you can edit the chant yourself. Red candles are good (love) and if you believe in greek or roman gods, you can give an offering to Aphrodite or Venus.
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Re: love spell for another
Post # 4
A love spell can comprise of whatever you make of it. That is the beauty of it, because it comes from an almost selfless heartfelt desire. Attracting, making and compelling are the three words that come to mind. As far as love goes, love spells can get easily delved into the 'black' magick category.

It can be as simple as hanging your loves one's underwear above your doorway or above your bed, to attract him or her. It can also be as compelling as having the one you desire look into an object, that you charged and put through a ritual, or have that desired person touch. Love spells can be as much of as a curse as it would be thought out to be a simple spell, if one is either so inclined or not careful, when conjuring up that Venus. You can in fact 'make' someone be enthralled for you. I know so, because a psi-vampire can induce such feelings upon a person, if you look into their eyes, or that is if you make eye contact with them, whilst they do this inducing.

Attracting love. I would recommend a sachet with a talisman of seduction inscribed upon it. I would gather a certain number of herbs that correspond to an aphrodisiac essence, that which would normally be prescribed as an actual aphrodisiac. While making the sachet, I would listen to a catchy love song, sing along with that song, for the singing will amount to chanting, which will raise the energy levels in the room and inscribe that 'love' essence into your work. After the workshop is done, that would be the smart time to go into ritual. Charge and consecrate then cast. Choose whatever deity that may be of your liking, invoke the power that you see fit and then you got it. Visualize and project your intent away, my love bird. Wave the sachet though the smoke and flame and possibly say a saying or chant. Give yourself a chance to recenter, for the closing. Say your farewell to your deity, or respects, close or banish the planetary or elemental power(s), close at the four quarters and say their farewell well, if they be of the elemental powers or not and then close the circle. Me personally, I always like to boost the energy one last time, before closing the energy by maybe pricking myself or thinking of something that would make me panic, and letting that energy expell itself. I usually imagine what if someone walked in on me during ritual. That would suck and scare me big time. Some say people fear fear itself more than death, if that makes sense.

Well, the whole thing about scarring oneself, before closing the circle, I actually discovered and came up with by accident. It is a creative way to add energy. I was trying out a new spell, when I was halfway through ritual my roommate's sister was knocking at the house door. You can imagine I had all this anticipation built up and the shear panic as I was in. I had to run through the rest or my ritual looking like a scared manic, making all the motions and saying all my incantations. Then I had to take a moment to collect myself, before I finally got out of the laundry room to go unlock the house door to let my roommates sister inside, who was waiting for about five minutes in the winter's cold, outside. I have this thing where I open a window to let the spirits in, then when I am done with ritual I close the window(s). Then I always go let some more of the candle burn, when I take it outside to go make an offering to my deities with some incense. Here I also invoke a few things, so it is a ritual in itself. Then I also learned that it was best to let a candle burn all the way down, by itself for a spell, because it is like the flame houses the Spirit.

We were actually going out for bingo, and I thought I could whip put a new s before she got to my house. It was close, but I learned that expelling energy through fear actually helps makes a spell very strong. I also learned it is best to let the candle burn down by itself, because it like houses Spirit. The spell was actually aiming for bingo night. I put the jurjur, I call it, the remnants of the ritual remains in my shoes. I was driving and I could barely drive because I was so exhausted from the stress when my roommates sister was knocking at the door. I expelled a lot of energy and this time I left the candle burning inside of a bowl, outside. We got back but came close to winning. We got back, and it felt like someone was inside my house. I said, 'Do you feel that? There is somebody inside the house!' She thought I was crazy. Then, of course, I searched the entire home. Nothing. The candle was still going. I put that out.

I was right, on the account of someone being inside of the house, because right before we went to bed, we both heard the upstairs water turn on then turn off by itself. The spell I cast was basically a hex upon myself, incorporating the planetary power of Jupiter. I then somehow got out of my body to meet what felt like a demon of the planetary house of Jupiter. We met at the base of the stairs. I tried some banishments but I couldn't say them. Then I was inly able to tell it to leave in the name of my deities. It was like, 'Did this Satanist cast a hex on himself, and now he is telling me to go away. Make up your mind.' It looked pustulent, but as well as organically defined. He was scared when I told it or him to go away, in the name name of my deities. I felt sorry for him.

The irony in the spell is just me, but the real irony is that I didn't get lucky with the bingo. I bingo-ed on some free beer and pizza and my roommate's sister. Me and my roommate at the time are or were pals, but he was gay and he liked me but I didn't like him, but we were still best of buds, but the bad thing, really bad thing, is that it is a taboo to have relationships with your bff who is is gay-ly in love with you. Me meeting the demon on the plane signified an omen of an ending.

Real moral of this outrageous story, is let the windows open then close, inducing energy expel-ment helps in manifestation and leaving the candle burning certainly houses the Spirit.
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Re: love spell for another
Post # 5
I meant to say that it is a taboo to have a relationship with your bff's sister(Best friends forever's), with a lisp. ;) LOL.
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