family hex help??

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> family hex help??

family hex help??
Post # 1
hi- im new here and am not sure where to look, i have been told that my family has a curse. All the women in my family have been Wicca and apparently there was a curse put on all the women in my family. it is that men will love them but they will be unable to stay in love. and so far... not one woman in my family has stayed married. they love at first and the men love them, but they fall out for no reason. i was wondering if it was just them... or if this could be a real family curse?
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Re: family hex help??
Post # 2
.....correction, the women in my family are unable to stay in love... not the men.
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Re: family hex help??
By: / Novice
Post # 3
this sort of sounds like the plot to Practical Magic.

i'd be cautious with the above email address. i'm not saying it's a scam, just be careful. how old is this curse, who did it, more history would be nice. a lot of the time it's how much power you put into the curse, maybe woman break up with their boyfriend/husbands because they weren't right for each other, but by blaming a curse, you ease the hurt, but also give strength to it. just another option is all. each of you could try a purification and dispelling. or maybe when you do find someone, bit extreme, but do a binding to try and counteract it. but i'd go with the first two suggestion if i were you.
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Re: family hex help??
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 4

In all honesty this does sound similar to what Nekoshema already stated, the plot to the movie Piratical Magic.

In my opinion this doesn't sound like a curse at all but a lack of understanding what love actually is. People fall in love for a variety of reasons and they fall out of love for a variety of reasons as well. Perhaps the real issue is that the women in your family have an unrealistic perception and expectation of what love is. There is a reason the book Men are From Mars and Women are From Venus was written. I suggest reading it.

To remove negative magic placed on a person I suggest taking a cleansing bath with items that will aid in the removal of negative magic. Such as sea salt, oatmeal, wormwood, burdock root, etc. You can also purchase breaker bath items from the site store;

After the bath be sure to place protective magic on and around the person who took the bath. I suggest using a charm on the person as well as a ward on their home.

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Re: family hex help??
Post # 5
thank you, apparently it has been since my great grandma's mom, it could be they just blame that, no one really talks about it much any more, also no one talks about witchcraft or wiccan any more either. i dont personally belive in the curse but just was more looking to see if there was such a thing.
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