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Forums -> Other Spells Discussion -> SPELL help me URGENT

Post # 1
Hello i want to do a friendship spell/ or even a forgive me spell! i dont want to do love spells as im scared of them backfireing... basicly i have known a guy since 2007 we became very good friends and had amazing sexual chemistry.. we were never in a relationship but i fell in love with the guy.. our friendship lasted until november 2010.. the day his wife found out about him and my affair.. I WAS UNAWARE HE WAS MARRIED HE NEVER TOLD ME im a transsexual. his wife found out her husband was having intercourse with a transsexual and that hes gay or bisexual.. he told me not to get involved but i did.. that really messed things up for me.. now he doesnt want to no me or talk 2 me... hes gone through a divorce now and has moved on with his life.. i cant move on!!! i did do love spells and i think they backfired thats why i dont want to do it again.. i became obsessed and harassed him turned up to his house etc he got scared. he even called the police on me! he wont talk 2 me. wont see me, but admits hes still sexually atracted 2 me.. we did have sex this year.. he bumped into me in a club went back 2 his and everything was perfect but a week later he flipped and went violent on me (possibly backfire from spell love)... either way i want this man in my life... as a friend or even someone to talk 2 .. without doing a love spell.. what can i do? can someone please help me xxx
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Re: SPELL help me URGENT
Post # 2
instead of doing any kind of spell, take some good advise,...move on. its unhealthy esp. if its gone violent.
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Re: SPELL help me URGENT
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Although it isn't good that he acted violently, it could have been an isolated incident. It sounds like he's going through an identity crisis.

If you insist on trying to make amends, I would suggest a honey jar spell. You can google it. There are tons of them.
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Re: SPELL help me URGENT
Post # 4
leave this man alone. Why would you want him in your life? he lied to you about being married, if he can do that to you he can do it to anyone. he also cheated, again he could do the same thing to you. He is messing with your head, he knows how you feel yet he sleeps with you when it suits him. Also this relationship has gotten violent, this is bad news. A spell to help you move on would be better than any friendship/love spell. Even a spell to help you with your obssession would be better and whilst on the subject of obssession, it's not healthy, maybe some professional help would be in order as you obviously need help. I'm not putting you down, i too was once in a bad relationship with a bad person, but i got a grip and moved on. I hope you can do the same xx
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Re: SPELL help me URGENT
Post # 5
The honey jar spell could help, but I wouldn't really recommend magic in this case. The key to any relationship is trust, whether it is a friendship or romance. If he lied to you and got violent with you, than you can't trust him to not do it again.

My advice would be to meditate and try to clear your mind of all emotions so you can see things without the trappings of emotions clouding you. Also, if you have a matron and/or patron deity, ask them to guide you toward the right path.
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Re: SPELL help me URGENT
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
I believe everyone has got own dark corner and has rights to keep privacy. You destroyed his marriage, you harassed him, you did love spells which got backfired ! And I am not surprised why he got so violent. Your friend is depressed and frustrated and if you will not leave him alone he will suicide. Your selfish love drive you and him crazy, I feel your pain and sorrow but that is a life, try to move on and don't hurt him more even if he lied to you. His lie is not enough reson to continiue drive him mad with harassing, love spells. Time is a Doctor. May creator give you strength to move on for a new change and new love. Blessed be
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