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Post # 1
Does anybody know a way to turn yourself or someone else into a werewolf that works?

Re: werewolves
Post # 2
Nope. Werewolves are not real. You cannot physically become another organism that is not human. You are a human. Nothing you do will change that.

Re: werewolves
Post # 3
We'll,, actualy, you can take your cells and convert them into other cells, (BASICLY how we digest cow cells in beef, and turn them into human cells) but you will (probably) die_ And that's completely based off of VDE(viral DNA engineering) So,,,,, the following will be true

You won't be a real were wolf you'll just be a weird mutant with a dog head -_-
You won't be using magic, it's completely scientific
You will die
You will be broke, and laughed at behind your back for the last few years of your life >_>
You will not be magical in any way,
You will,,,,,Lets stop this list of consequences for trying to do fake magic with science, shall we?

but if you have millions and are willing to die, GO AHEAD >_>
the world won't miss,,,

Re: werewolves
By: / Beginner
Post # 4

*Face Palm!*

Firstly there's no way possible for us to change our cells into that of a different animals anyway, so don't listen to him he is wrong. (Correct me if i am wrong). Listen, as much as you may want to be a werewolf it isn't going to happen. ever. I suggest you give up and find something a bit more, lets say, reachable in life. I'm not trying to be rude, but its true. Sorry if i burst your bubble.


Re: werewolves
Post # 5

There is no way for humans to change their physical and internal body systems into anything other than human. We will always be human for a long time. I laugh at how many times this question is repeatedly asked, only to get shot down. So no, you can and Will Not become a werewolf ever in your life.

Re: werewolves
Post # 6
Are you blind or something? See around you do you see any werewolfs? You just belive in some stranger that werewolf exists and follow him. Oh and movies are just for your time enjoyement and not make your reality of your own. Belive in what you see don't believe in someonw who says such things.

Re: werewolves
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 7

Doe, please go retake some general organic chemistry, anatomy and biology courses. You cannot rearrange your own cells in such a manner, nor forcibly convert them into another type of cell.

Long story short: you can't turn yourself into a werewolf. Werewolves are fictional.

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