Am I cursed?

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Am I cursed?
Post # 1
Merry meet,
I will try to be short with the situation. Last week we had to destroy a wasp hive from the back yard and Saturday we had to pull out a pine tree that was right by the window(insurance company requirement).Sunday my husband started to have abdominal pain and today the water heater broke. Are we cursed for killing living things and if yes what can I do about it?
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Re: Am I cursed?
Post # 2
Uhhh hmm I would think having wasp hive would be considered being cursed, probably put on you by a person, if it was a god, it would be worse, if your husband dies, then maybe it's not a person, few people go that far, as to fixing the problem,,, @searchbar
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Re: Am I cursed?
Post # 3
In my opinion, it sounds as if you are just having a bad week. Killing a wasp hive would not curse you otherwise half of the people in the southern US would end up cursed because wasps are everywhere down here. You might be the target of sprites, spirits, or another practitioner of the arts, but its more than likely you are just having some unfortunate circumstances.

If you can, put down a little bit of milk in a small saucer and keep it where kids or animals if you have any will not mess with it. It should help appease any sprites that might be harassing you. You can also do a sage cleansing of your house to cleanse the area. As for any other practitioners, placing a few talismans or charms around the house to ward off negative energies should help.
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Re: Am I cursed?
Post # 4
Thank you for your comments. You both are probably right and just have a bad week. I will do a house cleaning and put a bowl with milk outside tonight too.
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Re: Am I cursed?
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
My suggestion, take a clear glass and fill it with water if you have spring water from a bottle , much better, crack an egg and only put the white in it trow away the yolk put the glass on your window.
This is to clear any bad vibration in and outside the house, will also suggest get some sage and purify your home.

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