Female & Male Sex Demon

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Female & Male Sex Demon
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Female & Male Sex Demon
Post # 1
I've heard of them, and I really want to summon one, but I heard they can cause injury or frostbite if repeated intercourse can someone explain?

Re: Female & Male Sex Demon
Post # 2

The demons you are referring to are called Succubus(female) and Incubus(male). I've never summoned one nor would I want to. I've heard they can be very detrimental to your health on the first time as well as repeated contact. Some say they drain your sexual and life energies, but I've never experienced or summoned one, so my information is limited.

Re: Female & Male Sex Demon
Post # 3
They will have an affect such as turning you undead because they will start taking your soul piece by piece and yeah I think this says a part of it,so whatever you do try not summon one control yourself,think about the danger more than the pleasure...

Re: Female & Male Sex Demon
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
heres an interesting link for you, but i warn you not to delve to far past the link, the Joy Of Satan community holds very Racist views

Re: Female & Male Sex Demon
Post # 5
Theyre not evil, I know of many of people who have had continuous interaction with them and are perfectly fine. They can hold quite the conversastion.

Re: Female & Male Sex Demon
By: / Novice
Post # 6
they're not all evil, but you shouldn't summon one because they are dangerous. they feed off you during sex which can result in weakened health, illness, lethargic, and prolonged intercourse can result in death. there could be some that won't drain you as bad, or will figure out some partnership, but you shouldn't do it for the main reason it's a demon so if you found a human boyfriend or girlfriend, it won't end well because you are it's food source.

you're young, and probably don't get what you'll be getting yourself into, that being said, i doubt what i said did much, so research them before summoning. be careful what you wish for, and when it does backfire, don't come crawling back asking for help, research it yourself.

Re: Female & Male Sex Demon
Post # 7
Thank you.

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