What is "Satanism".

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> What is "Satanism".

What is "Satanism".
Post # 1
I wish to expand my knowledge by asking the community a few "Satanism" based questions. I rather asked them here than google it, because the internet tends to be very... Well, Christian. And thus, the answers are not reliable.

You may answer even if you are not a part of anything seen as a Satanist religion (Buddism, Wiccan, Catholic, ect) though, I would prefer that all those who answer be over the age of sixteen.

1. How many types of Satanic religions are there? (For example, I know that there is "Spiritual Satanism", "Luciferian", ect)

2. If there are more than ten (otherwise, all of those which you listed) ... What are they about? What do they believe in? What do they worship?

3. What Satanic religions actually worship the Christian-created "Satan" (i.e: A religion specifically against Yahweh)
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Re: What is "Satanism".
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
first, if any readers can, please correct me if im wrong ^-^

theres, mostly, two types of satanism, spiritual, like in the joyofsatan community (i recommend staying away from the actual community, they have good information on their website though) and, atheistic satanism, such as Laveyan satanism, that doesnt really beleive in the spiritual, just useing satanism, as an outlet of sorts

the joy of satan community, i would simply recommend going to thier website, however, i will warn you, they have horribly blind and racist views...its why im not part of that anymore Y.Y but get past the racism, and you can find a treasure trove of knowledge
as for Laveyan, or atheistic satanism, all i know, is stated in the end of the paragraphs above this one

the closest thing that comes to mind, is Laveyan satanism, bt i dont think it counts as they simply use it as a front to make a mockery of Christianity, and don't actually beleive satan or the divine exists

hope this was usefull
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Re: What is "Satanism".
Post # 3
Satanism in a religion that worships Satan as other religions worship Gods,Satanism is most evil religion of all,Satainsm practises dark magic and dark magic only,now if you use dark magic that doesn't have to make you a Satanist but if you do a spell related to Satanism please don't panic,say a prayer after that the prayer from a religion that you were born with and if you wish even more protection I can give you the blessing of the God of Gods.
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Re: What is "Satanism".
Post # 4
Actually satanism if researched and performed properly is a beautiful religion with many good values. Not all satanists practice 'evil' or 'black' magick as you put it, some do but not many. Especially theistic satanism, it is about bettering ones self so that you can achieve which is known as god head or illumination. Basically you want to become more than human in a spiritual sense, which in my opinion is a noble goal.

Also generalising a whole religion as evil is very close minded. And it is my opinion they do not worship Satan but merely recognis and work with him any self respectig satanist does not bow down to lucifer, because this is not what lucifer wants, they just treat him with respect like most of the people they encounter.

Blessed Be- I cannot view myself as satanist anymore but I do hold many of the ethics and beliefs close to my heart and do get annoyed when they get a bad reputation.
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