Subject : Death

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Subject : Death
Post # 1
Death is known as many different beings and has been given many different names through out the ages and around the world. Some call him ( or her to some ) as a god, a deity, an angel, etc., and there are to many names to list on here but I'll get to the point. I recently had a very strange dream recently it went like this. I was surrounded by darkness and a spectral figure in a full body hooded cloak or robe appeared to me surrounded by fog or mist and said to me, " You will inherit the powers of the grim reaper. " I fell to my knees in the dream and woke up shaking covered in sweat with an agonizing headache. I don't know what to make of this dream. There was a powerful precense in the dream and when I said spectral figure I mean the figure looked liked it was made of dense gray smoke and was emitting a faint light, so spectral is the best word I can think of to describe it.
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Re: Subject : Death
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
My first thought was you've been watching too many horror movies. My second thought was if this is somehow real, though I've never personally believed in the grim reaper, then I feel sorry for you. According to the main grim reaper legends at the very least his job is to ferry the dead to the other side which sounds highly depressing and at most he kills people, either way I wouldn't want to inherit his gifts. If this was more than a dream though I don't know why I would say this is some entity trying to scare you. No matter who or what it is I'd look into protection related magick.
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