telepathic mind trip

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telepathic mind trip
Post # 1
What is telepathy? That one confuses me, because it can go to its extents, because it has to do with thought, rather than the other five senses, but within its own as a sixth sense. Sometimes I can hear people's thoughts, but I can't speak to them with mine. Hearing people's thoughts only happens once in a blue moon, for me. It gets funny at times, because it is something I am just now realizing, as a gift. One time I caught my roommate saying something in his mind, that was quite embarrassing for him, as well as bosses. I guess that is why I freak some people out, because I will be talking to them, and I will say, 'Did you just call me this or say that?' They will have look on their face, and I will be like, whatever.

I guess telepathy is the ability to read people's thoughts, as well as communicate in that manner, without saying. Clairaudience is another thing, entirely, but partly of its own. The clairs are only categorizations.

I have this story about meeting a gifted telepathic psychic. She was a born Pisces. Well, we were hanging out, one night, on the first night we've met. She was interested in talking to me, because she said that there is more to me than meets the eye. So we were hanging out and chatting, when I got this text message. She was so inclined to grab my phone from me, and read it. It was spiritually evident, for it to be too much of a coincidence for this very person just to text me then, because me and this friend just happened to be talking about why I didn't have a girlfriend. She said it was too weird, for a guy like she described me as, to not have a g-friend.

So she read the text, and it was this Jew that I was merely seeing. She was like I knew it. There was another girl, but she asked how it was that we weren't dating? The text basically said, "I just won't want to end up like that missing girl, and this and that, and I miss you." Then my psychic friend asked me if I had anything to do with that missing girl, and I said, no, but that I did a reading on her, when she went missing, just so I can see what the missing girl's situation was. I saw, in my reading that this girl was basically dead and gone, and I was right, when they found her body later on.

This gifted telepathic friend, was simply trying to crack my mind to figure me out. Every person of the craft has their own way of pulling information, when the time presents itself. Like me, I have this connection with my friends that it can come to point where I feel their feelings at times, and I feel it when they desperately need me, but at the same time I can have an adverse affect on their emotions.

So at first, this telepathic friend, simply wanted to know me. She said everything that I was saying was underlying something deeper and something else. She was able to see this and basically tell when I was lying. She had a niche, she would always look at and on a person's right hand side, when sensing truth, which is symbolic in a way, but she didn't understand that symbolism until I told her. We both learned many things about ourselves that night, to say the least.

So the more I spoke, the more I got myself into trouble, because the more I spoke, the more I had to actually tell, because this human lie-detector kept challenging me. She kept cracking me down, and every time I said something that underlined the very context, she would say, "No, tell me." Then my heart and thought kept racing, and I was wondering why this was happening. My telepathic friend said she was racing in my mind, so I would come out with my answers more. You see, psychics and psi-vampires can do things like this to people. She was messing with my mind, and I was thinking so much and so fast that I didn't realize what she was doing. So, anyone can be creative and mess with people's minds, with visualizations, but that visualization also comes with its spiritual sensations upon the one who is visualizing.

So I was like, ok, you want to mind wrestle. You see, she was naturally gifted in her abilities, but I understood how these things worked, which left her limited with what she was able to do to me. Over time, these abilities turn into gifts, and it is when we practice them daily, that they become stronger. Like how a vampire priest can has this uncanny-like ability to feed at very long distances. If you don't use it, you lose it. It is everyday living that we go through, that eventually becomes a part of us, that we make of the craft. The craft becomes a part of us, and so we live to just do it, thinking nothing of it.

She was messing with my mind, so once I figured that out, I shut her off. I am not as sensitive as other very gifted or adept psychics, but I can certainly be affected and feel as they can. The thing with gifted psychics, is that they may just only know of and not about. They can do the things that they can do, but do they know how and why it is that they can do it? Here is an example that knowledge is power. So what I did to block her off, I made a psychic wall that I projected with my mind. These things are called thought forms. I told her to check 'this' out. I asked her what I was doing? She said, 'You put up a wall.' She couldn't do her projection nor read me. Then I played with it, then kept on asking what color it was and what I was doing with that wall. She was right on every occasion; the color and the windows that I made.

Then I tried my own mind trick, where I made her brain spin, where she couldn't think. I felt the sensation also, but I was in control. If you get me in the right vibe, I will pull mind tricks on you. I even have made people cry, with just my mind and other things, but behind it is will and belief, but I believe in these things because I know about them, and can feel them to an extent. She told me to stop playing my tricks on her. So I stopped, and let her run through my mind. She was able to pick up off of what I was thinking, but I was keen enough not to think about what it was that she was looking for, and partly because I didn't quite understand what it was that she wanted to know, other than why people are so scared of me. That is what she knew without knowing.

Then it was like, I came to this point where I just spitting out answers, where I understood the essence of evil. Then there was this one realization that was like a sense of power, because I understood something so deeply that I became like my own god, with actual power. It was a feeling of greatness, but by that time, where I almost got the very idea contemplated and digested, my friend lifted up her hand. Her middle finger snapped and cracked out of nowhere, as if someone were to crack her finger, but out of mid air.

Then she said something was there, and it held her down. She couldn't move and said that it wanted her to not say anything. Then I got the great idea of using a thought form to banish it. I wasn't scared, but intrigued to put my knowledge to the test, in live action. I made a brass-like-color, as if I were standing in front of Yahweh, and blasted the area that entity was in, with my mind. It couldn't stand the light. Then my telepathic friend said it came back with more of its friends. Then I said, I know they what want. They didn't want my friend to know any more information on what she was trying to figure out, and it was partly because they didn't want me to know something just yet without having the experiences first, before I am able to get to that level of consciousness.

Then I said, if I just walk downstairs for a bit, they will go away. They went away, and it was apparent that these entities didn't want any more mind racing to go on. When she was racing through my mind, visualizing, my heart was also pounding. It was physical as much as it was spiritual. It was apparent to her, before I explained to her what I did to make those things go away, because she was, again, able to sense what it was that I did. I later explained her on how thought forms work. This same girls also has the same evil eye as I do, but she didn't quite understand what it was that she was going, when she does her things, but only that she knew that she was able to do it. She just take the raw characteristics and realize somethings.

She basically concluded, after that, people are scared of me because I am so wise, in my own way, that it freaks people out. My own paradigm-shift is my wisdom, which I didn't know that I had, at the time. I asked my guide if the people on SoM, think I am crazy, and he said, yes. Then I asked do these same people that think I am crazy, find it scary at the same time, because I am so consistently coherent in my explanations, that my knowledge speaks for itself? He said, yes. So people may think I am crazy, but what is scary is that they know that what I talk about it true, but what shatters their reality, is that they just don't know how such things may be true, in what way.

Telepathy still sort of confuses me, which is why I say it comes on different levels, but it is true and very real that one can communicate, thought for thought, on a conversational level. I wrote this post so that other may be more likely to believe in themselves and more so on how things work; such as, thought forms, and that things comes naturally over time. Again, we grow into what we live as the craft. We become a part of it. It is just a matter of how and in what way to we get to that point we are aiming at? Some people will say things are impossible, but if you reverse-engineer their words, and it intuitively speaks for itself; just how is one so sure that something isn't true, because they gotta be asking themselves that very same question: how is that person so sure of something not being? I call it, when a person says something for what it's not, 'speaking too soon.' They give themselves away, and they aren't telling you something they know, which means they are lying, when they are so sure on something that is not so. See where I am coming from? Here is something you can't understand. . . I finally understand Cypress Hill. Time for some action. :)
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Re: telepathic mind trip
Post # 2
MrGreen you're a typing machine.
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Re: telepathic mind trip
Post # 3
I apologize, there are a few typos, and miss-spellings, but be a realist, please. Do ask questions, because I may need another perspective on how I should explain all of this.

Well, to add to my dogma on how people are so sure of themselves, when they assume that something isn't so, can also mean it is that they don't know squat, in the first place. A person may something, but it is those characteristics behind those words that speak for itself. For instance, a person may just simply agree with something, because they are going with the general populous' opinion. One can't work from that if they want to better his or herself; they have to be able to self-actualize on their part. Think for his or herself. It is like, I can't stand watching the news, without getting riled up, when that is what they want people to do, because when emotion gets in the way of one's judgement, their minds are then clouded.

Even if it may sound crazy, read into people's words. I actually ran into the most interesting people, because I took the chance to listen to my heart, which I have a hard time listening to.

I would like to add on how sensitive psychics are. If they are already not grounded, and in their mode, or so, one can simply put them in a psychic box. A psychic can't function if one puts one into a thought form, in the shape of a box. I have accidentally made a psychic drop to the floor, by putting that very person into a black psychic box.

Well, to add onto the story about my relations to these very people. The girl that was my telepathic friend, was able to see the images that I had in my mind, at the time. She was a special person, very gifted. At the time we met, as we were talking, I had this deep, but scary premonition, that this very friend was something vampiric. I was thinking, there was no way this girl is another psi-vampire. . . no way! I didn't want to ask her, because we just met for the first time, and getting right off the bat, telling someone that you're a psi-vampire could freak them out. She was another psi-vampire, the same as I, but I knew how to feed more.

As for the Jew girl that I wasn't really seeing, but saw, so to speak. LOL! I felt her coming into my life, because I have that same relationship with Yahweh, where I can feel what He may throw at me. It is just premonitions, I can feel things in the distance. I guess it is just a Sagittarius thing. I soon met the person that was the closest representation, for Yahweh, in place of the very opposite girl that I soon later met, which was this telepathic girl I have mentioned. There were these two very different girls, in my life, at the time, one a psi-vampire and basically a walking talking Matilda, and smiled like Matilda too, and this sweet innocent Taurus Jew, who was just weary because of my paganism.

When me and this Jew girl first went on a date, and basically were talking for the first time, she said that I reminded her of one of those Twlight characters. The werewolf. I said that is interesting, because I am pagan. I don't look pagan nor dress accordingly to that nature, but maybe some can read that. I saw that as ironic, because it was almost like a reality check for this person. She soon realized that I was really into this stuff, because she would ask me to do reading for her, and basically interpret and tell what it was that came to mind about her. She was like, oh cool, now read my friends, will you. I asked her to give me their DOB and names, because I will need that for a reading. As I was reading for one of her friends, her friend started to cry out of nowhere, I guess I got too tuned with her friend, that it drew energy or will-power out of her. She saw that as spooky, and that my readings were too dead on, about people that I haven't met. Then I basically did more readings on her, through text messages and she thought it was too good to be true that I knew so much about her, that she was basically scared of what was in my room. Her friends said, "Is he really pagan? Don't be with this him, leave him."

I get a kick out of reading these people, and just groups of people, in general, because it is like interpreting and picking up off of individuals that make me laugh, as if I were watching Jerry Seinfield. I guess my father wasn't fibbing that there are really people like the ones off of Jerry Seinfield's show. Well, anyway, some of this Jew girl's friends said there was something about me. Well, the ones where I read and saw the worry in. I saw a lot of worry in one of her friends, and I just drew energy from that, and I couldn't help it.

I eventually just forgot about this Jew. I say that, and describe this person as a Jew, because it is in my mindset that a person's ethnic background really can say a lot about him or her. Just another paradigm shift about me.

Well, for everything equal, I believe there is always something sub-equal, in the instance of my german-psi-vampiric friend versus this sweet Jew girl. Tickle me pink, just had to point that out. I don't mean to sound racist or anything, but it seems as though I can see or sense one's ethnic background, as well, as religion. Well, can't we all see things resonate in others?

Well, the way that I see things and possibly know things are my way, and it doesn't mean it's always the highway. The thing about me, is that I shouldn't share things unless asked; reasons vary. I can help people or try, to an extent. In the end it just feels good to let things go, by sharing them, because I am the only pagan around. The one thing I will say about gifted or adept psychics, is that I personally only came across a few, and I always like to ask them questions, because some of those questions are answers to things to other things, and I learn something from them, almost every time I see them.

What is telepathy? What kind of telepathy 'trips' has anyone else had?
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Re: telepathic mind trip
Post # 4
Well, it is not you, it is that I wonder if I give too much information, because I would think I would give others a chance to ask questions, but when most of the time I do write this much, no one really replies. It is my prediction, that few will reply to this.

Then again, I don't know if anyone or many know about what a thought form is? I want to share, but it is that I don't want to be a bad teacher, nor do I want to impose my beliefs.

Wow, I believe it. I have brothers that are twins, and I wonder if they understand each on that basis. They never really do leave each others' side.
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Re: telepathic mind trip
Post # 5
You have nothing to apologize for. When I said you were a "typing machine" I just meant your posts are really long and I'm referring to all your posts that I've seen so far.

Telepathy in my opinion is an energy thing. Two people on the same frequency can pick up each others thoughts. Just like a radio station sends out there broadcasts over the air to there listeners. You have to be tuned to a certain frequency to be able to hear the songs playing from that station.

I once was able to telepathically communicate with this girl that I had gotten really close to. We had this thing we used to do which I'm sure most of you have heard of. One of us would visualize something in our minds and then the other would say what that thing was. Most think telepathy is only picking up words as if someone was talking and that is one form, but picking up images that a person is sending to you is also a form a telepathy. She was the only person I could do this with. I'm sure the connection we had was the key to our success.
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Re: telepathic mind trip
Post # 6
haha yea if your posts weren't so dang long I'm sure everybody would read them. You actually have a funny way of explaining things and I mean funny in a good way.

How about instead of posting one big post you post a bunch of small ones. There's just something about the breaks in the middle of the posts that makes it easier for people to read.
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