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Post # 1
Hi, I have been trying to astral project for over 2 years. When I get there I'm planning on wondering round a bit and then I want to view some people and what they're doing for a test.

Basically about 5 months ago I almost successfully did it, I as half dreaming i was holding onto this bar on a zip wire and then I jumped of the edge so that I was putting all my weight onto it.. I then realised I was half dreaming and I could feel my astral arms outstretched infront of me as if they were pulling on something and I felt my astral body rising unfortunately the experience stopped as I had an overwhelming wind sensation in my ears and I couldn't get out so it lay back down into my physical body.

I hadn't tried for a while but I've been trying since a few days ago and I'm not getting any luck AT ALL! I always can hear the faint high pitch noise in my ear, I don't get sleep paralysis but then again I never did ( just numbness and stiffness). I get tingly but I don't get the vibrations. What's going on? How come I can't do it. It's been over 2 years, I am 15 and I lie there for like an hour with nothing.

Please help. Thanks :)
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Post # 2
(when I said rising it was sitting up)
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Post # 3
Do you ever wake up in the morning, and fall back asleep, dreaming that you've already gotten up and have been getting ready for school/work? If so, that's a form of astral projection.

This is how I started when I decided to take on AP. I had one of those dreams, and instead of falling in a deep sleep, just controlled what I was doing, staying fully mentally in tact. I thought to myself, "okay, now I'm going to brush my teeth?" but of course, the tooth brush wasn't where it normally was, so then I told myself, "Find a tooth brush." I opened one of the drawers, and there was a tooth brush. It was blue, I told myself I wanted a pink one. So I opened another drawer, and there was a pink one... but you literally have to put all of your thought and focus into it. If you stop thinking, you will slip, and then you're in a full-fledged dream state, no long in AP.

I can still do this early in the morning, but if I try to do it while I'm going to bed in the evening, it hardly ever works (without illegal cerebral chemicals in my system)... it usually won't work during a nap for me either.

Just find what time works for you, and keep practicing. You'll get there.
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Post # 4
I understand completely. What makes it really hard for me is the relaxation part. It feels impossible to get in a peaceful state of mind when all I can think about is exploring some other place and feeling excited/wondering if anything is just going to jump out at me.

It would be nice because I want to see what exactly that Astral plane looks like and who or what is there. Also there is so much more I want to do! Is it possible to get into the right mental state without having to relax as much? Any simple techniques that involve visualizing something or anything like that?
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Post # 5
You can try trance work as a side street. It can help you gain better control over relaxing and controlling yourself.
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