Chaos symbol

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Chaos symbol
Post # 1
So , rumors saying that if you cast a proper chaos symbol during a full moon you can create a magic tool.
So let me know people , is it possible to create something that can harm someone , with that symbol?
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Re: Chaos symbol
By: / Novice
Post # 2
while i've never heard of it, just a question, do you mean something like on the new moon you draw a symbol on a piece of paper then throw it in the air and POOF an athame appears or something? if that's the case it won't happen, however i have heard of rituals to consecrate your tools so instead of enchanting an athame to work with positive spells, you're enchanting them to increase negative spells.
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Re: Chaos symbol
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
The Chaos star itself is a tool. I think someone misunderstood within the line of communication and like the game "telephone", you wound up with a distorted message.

The chaos symbol, better known as an 8 point star is far from isolated to chaos magick. It is the infamous compass! North, North/East, East, South/East, South, South/West, West and North/West. Its very common around the world however predominantly seen in the Norse and Celtic cultures as an 8 point symbol for 8 worlds and 8 winds/directions. So basically, it is the all and the here and now. It's everywhere and one spot. It's energy shoots out to every direction, every realm of existence, and the center is you. Pretty neat eh? So it IS a tool in itself that directs energy of a ritual, spell, thought, etc to every corner of the Universe. That's a powerful tool indeed!

But sorry, no "poof!" *wicked tool appears out of thin air*
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Re: Chaos symbol
Post # 4
You missunderstood me.
I am sorry I didn't explain at all.
I was just wondering about the chaos symbol.
So with a proper ritual , spiritual empowerement and some beautiful
full moons I will finally be able to rule
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