Invocatary&evocatary form

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Invocatary&evocatary form
Post # 1

What is the difference in techniques for the invocatary &evocatary vibratory forumale?

I know that one vibrates the words so that your astral body vibrates along with it , which is the invocatary formuale while the evocatary formulae excites the atmosphere and also brings the unvierse to your senses and resonates in harmony to the vibration..

But the technique to do both is entirely the same. So , is the main difference the will on which one you wish to vibrate..for example , if you wish to vibrate the word within yourself , you target yourself , not outside?

The main thing that puzzles me that the technqiue to vibrate is the , is simply the target different?


Also , Another question of mine is how would you know which words and which technique can be used? For example , in a ritual , and let's take the lesser Banishing ritual of the have to vibrate a variety of words.. do you know which words to vibrate using evocatary formulae where you bring the universe in alignment and in harmony , or the invoctary forumale?

I am rather puzzled...can both serve and be used? Or when in doubt , can i vibrate it so that it boths invocates and evokes?

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Re: Invocatary&evocatary form
Post # 2
If you are speaking of vibrateing words like a mantra then the energy lies in the sound that is made more then the word it self. I think it has to do with the brains response to diffrent sound waves and the affect that these waves have on the brains own waves of energy. If you ever listen to Buddist Monkes chant or even the chants of other Monk groups you will kind of get a idea of what I am saying. In other words if you sing the phrase Oh great God and Godess it will have the same affect if done to the same frequency as the mantra word of Ohhm.
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Re: Invocatary&evocatary form
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Various sounds vibrate differently in our bodies, "waking up" in a sense certain parts of our spirit. "Power words." Every culture/practise has their own. In trance you can create your own subconsciously, this is called glossolalia and barbarous and they are all used for invoking, not evoking. To evoke one must use the special name of the force/power/being being evoked and chant it. You can research these names or journey to find them by asking. The same force/power/being can have many names, each one is usually specific to what you are asking for them to do, which is why some deities have many names within the same language/culture.
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