pregnancy spells

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pregnancy spells
Post # 1
hi all
me and my partner have been trying for over a year now and was wanting to no of simple pregnancy/fertility spells? thank you
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Re: pregnancy spells
By: / Novice
Post # 2
i know of a couple, there are some on this site you could try. the two of you could drink red raspberry leave tea. it is said to increase fertility in men and woman when combined with Red Clover. i've been told raspberry leaf tea helps prevent miscarriage but also told if you drink to much, especially 32 weeks before the due date you could miscarry, so i'd suggest stopping once you are pregnant. chamomile, ginger, and eucalyptus are good in moderation. also i heard wild yams after ovulation are good.
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Re: pregnancy spells
Post # 3
Hi my friend did a fertility spell for me but nothing happened
And give me a little bottle with hurbs for fertility but still nothing
I will get him to drink the tea see if it helps as he has the fertility prob
But not much spells and blessings for men.

Blessing to you x x
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Re: pregnancy spells
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You both could take Dong Quai. There is another chinese herb my uncle always spoke about, and it's driving me crazy because I can't remember it. I know if I see the name, I'll recognize it. I'll post it when I do find it.

In the meantime, do consider chinese medicine as a way to help you become pregnant. It takes about 3 months of taking the herb(s) for them to produce effective results within the body's reproductive system.

Menstral blood and semen are used in most fertility rites. Many are very, well sexual, and aren't appropriate for a public forum. Do what feels right for you. You may want to look into the Beltaine rituals. They are fertility rites that usually ended with everyone running into a big field to make babies. You could do something more personalized between you and your husband.
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Re: pregnancy spells
Post # 5
I agree some of this isn't appropriate for a forum minors use so I'll inbox you what I know.
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