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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Angels.

Post # 1
I need to ask some assistance in possibly identifying some angels. I am not sure who they are by their description. This is for a friend. One has black wings red eyes balck hair the other has gold hair green/blue/gold eyes and white gold wings. Please leave a comment if you know anything,
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Re: Angels.
Post # 2
personally i am not a angel expert but it's hard to tell a angel by his look alone are there any items to do whit them like a sword?

if they look human and have only two wings they are eider angel or archangel

hope this helps
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Re: Angels.
Post # 3
Angels don't atually have wings they are beings of energy. They appear to you how your mind expects them to appear or how your mind can cope with them appearing, thereore my description of Archangel Michael would be different from someone elses because my brain copes with him differently.

The only way is to ask the angels name and command them under the the name of YodhehVauHeh because other beings that are energy can also appear any way they wish, ask it politely just say "I assk thee by the name Yodhehvauheh (or another deity) to tell me your name.

Most angels names end in 'el' meaning of God however there are exceptions e.g. Metatron.

If you do find out a name I an offer some help but until then you are on your own, be warned however most angels are beings of love however the enochian angels are more sinister beings in my experience, its like humans a lot are nice but some just aren't like hitler.

Blessed Be.
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Re: Angels.
Post # 4

*Sigh* this is not going to help much.

Angels do not have a particular fixed form and can potray themselves in a manner that us humans can understan and associate with. And even if they do not do is quite impossible to reconize a angel just by the way one saw it , especially with so many out there.

The instances , scene , state of mind , thoughts etc where he saw it are more important and this information you have given us is like asking a question so impossible like " I am looking for my friend (insert name here) , do you know where can i find him ? He is human so i need to look through the entire human race"

Please narrow down some details please =)

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Re: Angels.
Post # 5
Sometime the angel with black wings is holding a red or black sword or he has an animal with him, theres a new thing haunting me, its white and skeletol and has a bone sword. The angel with gold white wings is usually holdingna plant. Thats about the only ones that hold something

This is what my friend told me. Hope this is better info.
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Re: Angels.
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
They may not even be angels, but some other variety of spirit. Frankly the depiction does not much match the traditional description of any specific angel beyond the basic human traits and the wings.

If you wish to know who they are, like with any spirit, simply ask.

On a separate note, the Metatron is not the name of an angel, but a title of the one chosen to speak for God. At least as I understand it.

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