Help my family unify

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Help my family unify
Post # 1
my husband and I are estranged from my step daughter and are taking legal options for access. I practice candle magic mostly and wondered if anyone would recommend a good spell to help our family unify and be happy. Sadly her mother has fed her lots of negativity about us which we want to undo. She also practices Wiccan magic. Any suggestions are gratefully received. Thank you so much for your help.
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Re: Help my family unify
Post # 2
To be honest with you, I don't think that magick is a good way to help a family be united. I think that you should take this in a normal way. Sit with your step daughter and try to talk with her. You could also do counciling. As for magick, since she is practicing Wicca, why don't you do a House Blessing spell, this will give her the idea that whenever she enters the home (she may or may not feel energy) that your home is a good home and no negativity is coming from you or your Husband.

I'm sorry if i wasn't any help to you...
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Re: Help my family unify
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Wear rose quartz, and put 4 tumbled or clustered ones in all 4 farthest corners of your home. Then use a larger cluster or tumbled clear quartz in the center of your home to connect, center, and amplify the energy of the rose quartz. Ask the crystals to help your step daughter accept love and friendship into her heart for the two of you.

I'm sure you two have the common sense to speak with her and let her know your feelings and thoughts. Don't tell her what her mother said is wrong, don't even bring her up in conversation. SHOW her that her mother's perceptions are not true through action and words. I'm sure she'll see it for herself.
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Re: Help my family unify
Post # 4
I am in agreement with the first post response. Magick is not always the answer to things. First be yourself. Actions always speak louder then words. If you be yourselves then you will win her faster then trying to front. Second show a genuine interest in her and what she believes in. You all have a common goal in magick and religion at least for the most part. Learn together. Make it a family affair. Do rituals together ect. It will take time but youll find that you wont need magick to overcome this hill.
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