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Post # 1
hi, please help me and explain to me what is going on.

i tried to do some spells, 1st spells that work out was the wish spells and it work. i tried to do it over and over again, but it did not work. then somethings happen to me and my husband that almost break my family apart.

and the worst one is that i had an enemy and tried to curse them, well it works he got fired and jinx are all over to them. then terrible accident happend to me with my family. i had a car accident traumatic but miraculously we all survive and had minor injuries.

please, can anyone help me to clear up my mess, i think it was the karma that hit me back. it seems to be like everytime it grants my spells there is sumthing in exchage. but my family got nothing to do on what i've done.yet they are geeting affected.

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Post # 2
Since you believe in Karma.

Try not greedy. Also be patient.

Cursing others, since you believe in Karma will have the negative energy come back on you.

Your Karma is bad because your making Negative decisions. Just try to reverse it by Doing positive things. However keep in mind it won't be Instantaneous, 9 times out of 10 that's the case.

Balanced Blessings
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Post # 3

Karma is a broad term basically meaning what goes around comes around. In some way, shape or form what you do will come right back to you whether it be good or not so good. "Karma" the word is normally religious, it is expressed in Wicca, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and several other religions. Each belief system has its own views of "Karma". For example in Hinduism which is fairly similar in philosophy but it has more to do with reincarnation. Same thing with Christianity, you deal with what you dealt some time after death as some souls are sent to Purgatory to hear "their sentence". Wicca often believe in the 3 Fold Law, what you do comes back 3 fold.

You take your specific beliefs and determine the best way to appease your actions.

  • If you are Christian, go pray, ask God for forgiveness and then go out and help an old lady cross the street.
  • If you are Hindu, let's hope it wasn't too bad and just move on.
  • If you're Buddhist, meditate and decide yourself what consequences you and others had to face.
  • If you're Wicca, personally I'd go out and do three good things theoretically evening out the playing field.

"Karma" is a concept often described as some higher force or naturally occurring phenomena that basically tries to maintain a balance. It's all about balance. You do something bad, let's say you feel guilty and do something good. It's really all you can do. Whether you do something good for yourself or someone else that's basically the answer.
Don't try to appease Karma like it's a god, you have nothing to pray to, you have no one to give offerings to.
Also the point is not to try and avoid Karma because you're scared of the consequences, you need to understand there are consequences for everything whether you give it some spiritual significance and call it Karma or just say that's the way the things work. The idea is to learn to take responsibility.

One other misconception about Karma is that everything bad that happens to you is deserved (what you thought in your case). No that's not what Karma does it's not some angry vengeful spirit that wants to have you framed for murder and thrown in prison because you tripped your little sister 5 years ago. That's not the idea of Karma, some things really do just happen. Sometimes there is a reason, but even then it's not always because of Karma.

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By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You have no idea what karma truly is, and if you believe in it, you should actually understand it. Research.

Wish magick must be done carefully, wording is important. If you ask for "happiness" for instance, and it works, things in your life that are important to you, yet do not make you happy may be removed from your life. Understand that with everything comes good and bad. Such is life.

As for your family, bad things happen. It does not mean it was the price of your curse. Why can't you just be grateful that everyone walked away alive with minor injuries?

As for curses, my own personal belief on them is that too many people throw them for selfish reasons. Wishing ill luck or harm to someone who has not severely harmed you or someone you care for is not justified. If someone has done bodily harm or seeks out to destroy apart of your life or someone you hold dear is the only time such malicious magick should be used. Why? Because curses are very dark if not used for serious reasons (in serious matters there are benevolent beings that are just and protective that will help). Throwing curses for selfish intentions or just because someone has superficially harmed you willl draw very malicious energy/spirits because the intentions are not out of love or self defense (regardless of how much you may reason it is so). Next time, instead of cursing someone, consider creating balance, or teaching a lesson instead of just desiring misery or harm. Remember most of the time, people cannot upset you unless you let them and words can usually solve most conflict.
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Post # 5
It's hard to say "what if..." because we just don't know. It may be karma, it may be coincidence. Reverse the spells, if you absolutely can't stand this guy you cursed, you could cast a spell for him to find happiness far away from you and forget all about you. And I think going out and doing good is a great idea. But put some effort into it. Working to help others is good for the soul regardless if karma is involved or not or what your faith is.
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Post # 6
You make your own happiness, your circumstances does not define who you are. Whatever you believe Karma is, do what you think will improve your "good" karma.
Curses. They are for personal reasons, and I agree with WhiteRaven.They are selfish. You wish to cause ill harm to others, however who are you to decide what anyone else deserves? It's not up to you.
Do what you wish, but think of the repercussions of your actions.
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Post # 7
i dont actually believe in karma, but what happened to me i guess it was karma.

i know i made a big mistake by cursing other people maybe it was my anger that pushed me into seeking something that i can used for revenge. well it works, amazingly it really works and i can't believe that it was so real, it was a stake that i got from the wish spell. and it was devastating curse to the man i curse and i felt sorry when i saw the results. but then it hit me back.

and for the 2nd time i knew it was not just a coinsidence, i knew it was the side effect of magic.

thanks guys for the enlightment,and suggestion. since i got hook into the magics i started too loose my faith.maybe this is Gods punishement to me.

i prayed a lot, for forgiveness and for cleansing my sins.
i mean, i dont want magic to transform me to evil.
i guess i was using it in a wrong way.

i will do a good deeds in exchange to all greedy and evil act that i've cast.

many thanks, i hope what happened to me will serve as an examples to you all who does magic.

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Post # 8
"Evil" is a choice.

Faith is believing in the unseen. Which only you can choose rather to believe or not.

"Good" deeds might help you turn your "Karma" in the direction you wish for it to go.

Balanced Blessings
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