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Post # 1
Ok. I want to point out the reasoning behind my recent posts. This is supposed to be a site about learning the craft. There seems to be a lot of people on here that are extremely well versed in their art. Ive gotten over a hundred views on every one of my posts so far so people cant say there are not true people here willing to and wanting to learn. We like to complain about fluffy this and fluffy that well now its time to educate. Magick and knowledge is for everyone not just for a select special few. So I'm challenging all of our so called knowledgeable. We all have good stuff to teach. Even if its what not to do learned the hard way. So lets all learn.
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Re: Learning.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
First off, I want to applaud Dillon for posting this. I believe he knows I am in total agreement with what he is doing, and I hope that I can provide some contribution to the work.

There is alot to learn here. I have learned things in the time that I have been a member of this site. You never stop learning. Those of us who have years of knowledge want to share it, and in sharing it we learn and grow ourselves. If you ask about something and are not provided information on it, it may just mean that you are not ready yet. And that is a judgement call made by the person presenting that information. Of course we all can make mistakes. Remember you can't study astrophysics with out studying basic math. As above, so below.

We all have a responsibility to each other. To teach, help and grow together. It's time to take that seriously. Count me in.


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Re: Learning.
Post # 3
If you have not read Gaggs post in our basic magick concepts thread on Alister Crowley then I highly recommend that you do. This can teach how so called qualified teachers can go wrong in their teaching. Even a great mind like Crowley. Remember you get out what you put in. And if you go to teach me what you know and all you can do is provide me with a link to someplace else. Its not you teaching its the linked info. So don't claim to be a teacher if all you teach is http. Whatever. Tell me in your own words and then provide me with a helpful link. Just saying.
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