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Forums -> Astral Projection -> Tips Please!

Tips Please!
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Alright. Ive recently purchased a astral projection app from the app store on my ipod for 3.99. I have to say, it does a great job. But my problem was that when the hypnosis started to go towards letting myself out of my body, i body grew hot and numb. I started sweating and my heart went wild. I felt myself floating and i lost all concentration because i was excited, nervous, and scared at the same time. Then i felt myself coming back down... can anyone help me combat this?
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Re: Tips Please!
By: / Novice
Post # 2
stay calm, stay incontrol.
and practice practice practice
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Re: Tips Please!
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Yep, one of the most essential parts of magick and any spiritual practice is having control over your mind and emotion. Willpower! You need to calm down.

When we are children, we naturally get carried away with our emotions. Children love to exaggerate upset and when parents give into it, it reinforces feeding into negative emotions and letting them run wild. Personally, my daughter knows that as soon as she starts to do this, she will get the opposite response she wants from me. Any chance she had to get what she wants is gone unless she calmly asks me nicely. The point is, I know adults who still act like this to one degree or another. We don't "grow out" of letting our emotions go wild. If our parents didn't show us how to, we need to teach ourselves how to through self discipline and self control.

Backtrack and focus on calming your emotions on command. Throughout the day randomly, take the time to examine your emotions, calm them, and release tension. Don't perpetuate emotion. If you get upset or angry, let go of it as soon as possible instead of "brooding" for hours or days. Meditate and practice controling your breathing and heart rate.

When you become good at all of this, then go back to your program and if you begin to feel this way, you will be able to quell it and continue on in a peaceful mood. Its also important to meditate before astral projection if we are feeling any anxiety or experiencing stress.
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Re: Tips Please!
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Hi WhiteRaven3n is Isisa,

Like allways you give great advise.

2396022 take WhiteRaven3n advice she is very knowledgeble.

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Re: Tips Please!
By: / Beginner
Post # 5

Every now and then during the day, take the time to calm your mind (like you would when projecting) and see your negative thoughts go by. Do this until your mind is quiet as possible. Hopefully your emotional and mental worries will go away when projecting.

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Re: Tips Please!
Post # 6

Try to overcome your fear, there's nothing that can happen if you dont allow it. There is this silver cord linked to your mental body. Maybe grounding and centering yourself before AP'ing will help. Good luck.

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