love one pass away

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love one pass away
Post # 1
I had a love one that pass away back in dec. today is her birthday. i am not looking for a spell or ritual to talk to her. is there a spell or ritual i can do to remember her by?
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Re: love one pass away
By: / Novice
Post # 2
Bake cookies or make some food you know she really liked and have a dead dinner with her.

If you are wondering what a dead dinner is, it is a meal (dinner in this case) where you set up everything as you normally would, but you also make a place for the spiritual guests you are planning on having. In this case, you would create an extra place at your table for her - and dish out food accordingly.

Just a neat idea.

You can also bake her a cake as usual, and still remember her.

It is important to remain positive about all of this, I am betting she would want you to be happy. :) So smile, and remember her fondly.
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Re: love one pass away
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
I had a love one pass away too last year. On his birthday, I decorated the house with flowers, bought him a card, got some cake, lit candle near his picture on my altar and sang "happy birthday" for him. And in the evening, the entire family went out for a seafood dinner (his favourite), just like we used to when he was alive.

Word of advice: As difficult as it may be, try not to cry or feel sad on that day. Because when you feel sad, your deceased loved ones feel sad and you want to make them happy on their birthday

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Re: love one pass away
Post # 4
thank you. i found out form her mom what time she was born at today light a candle in her name. we will also set a place for her tonight at or meal thanks
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