Beginner spells?

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Forums -> Site Spells Discussion -> Beginner spells?

Beginner spells?
Post # 1
Are there any good spells for beginners? I'm a bit confused about which spells are for beginners, and which are advanced.
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Re: Beginner spells?
Post # 2

Spell casting is different for everyone. What some would find easy, others will find quite difficult. There is no such thing as an easy spell. The best way to try your powers is to find out where your strengths are.Find out what abilites you do have or think you have, and test them through trial and error. That is the only way you will find out, and grow. Remember this growth is learning, learning is knowledge and knowledge is the basics; I suggest starting there. I started with simple cnadle spells. This is just to light a candle, channel and direct energy to get your desire and will. But I do not consider any spell as a "beginner" spell.

The reason there are no "beginner spells" is because all spells require a certian level of knowledge as well as an understanding of how magick/energy works and of course how to work it.

Once you learn this, then spells will come easier. If you choose not to, prepare to fail. Simple as that.

Think of it this kindergarten you learned the alphabet, then the sounds, combined sounds, did a little memorization and slowly through the year learned to read.
How well would you have done if someone handed you a book and said " read this, and prepare me an essay in 3 days ". At would've cried to mommy and not been able to do it.
Magick is the same way, while it may not take you years to learn to do spells, you still need to learn how to do it before jumping head first into it.
Learn your basics (sticked post in general info section). Then, many question you have had will be probably answered.

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Re: Beginner spells?
Post # 3
I agree, just try something. Read some spells and see what appeals to you.
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