Breaking a spell

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Breaking a spell
Post # 1
I have this spell that was cast upon me by my ex a year ago. The spell from what he said is a protection spell, however he failed to inform me it has a downside which is sabotage. It basically sabotages my friendships and relationships. I have been looking for a spell to break this spell, however its not as simple as finding a spell breaker and breaking it, this type of spell has to be broken with a special type.

And that is where I am lost. I do not know what type of spell must be used. Its more of a curse really, I do not feel "protected" although I will say there have been times where I was in danger but came out unscathed...
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Re: Breaking a spell
Post # 2

Instead of using a spell, here's a simple technique which only requires a bit of ice.

Visualize all of the curse's energy accumilating in the ice, melt the ice and then throw the water somewhere far away from you.

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Re: Breaking a spell
Post # 3
Try Acoda's curse breaker. Since this is a side effect of a spell and not actually a powerful curse, I can guaruntee it will work. Next time you want spiritual protection, do the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram, next time you want physical protection, Use Merlin's personal protection spell.

Blessed be)0(
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Re: Breaking a spell
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
It sounds like your ex's protectiveness over you also included possessiveness. Those thoughts of wanting you safe yet to himself could have inadvertantly effected the spell. Why don't you just ask him to destroy it in a nice way?

If you insist on removing all magick on you, you'll need to do a spell to clear away all old links and ties you don't desire to allow yourself a fresh start. Since it isn't a harmful or negative spell, you will need to just remove all foreign magick and energy from you. If it was powered by an object, you may need to use a poppet of yourself to transfer all past magick and old links to.
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