Odd experience

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Odd experience
Post # 1
Awhile back I was having difficulty astral projecting for 2-3 months. One night I decided enough is enough and kept trying untill I finaly got OB. And it was the most exilerating experience I have had in neary 10 years of astral projecting. I could no longer feel any connection to my body, I was in my room, I could see everything and even feel the breeze from my fan I could smell the mess from the kitchen from that nights seafood dinner (when I was awake the night before this and the day after I could not smell the seafood even just outside the kitchen). Then I became aware of a cloaked figure standing in the middle of my room. I spoke to him asking him who he was but he didnt respond. A moment later I felt a presence behind me and there was another cloaked figure, this one must have been almost 8 feet tall, when I turned to look at him I felt another presence. Everytime I looked at the new one another would appear untill there were 7 all different heights all of them dressed in the same black robe with their hoods drawn. I asked them who they were and at this point the first man lowered his cloak and said, "We are here to kill you, (he said a name or what I assume was a name but I could not make it out)." Then all of them lowered their hoods, I can still remember each of their faces. They were in a circle around me and began to chant, I asked them who they were again but they just continued. After a couple of seconds I decided I better get away from them but when I tried going in any direction I could not get past the cloaked figures. And when I touched the invisible wall the floor would light up with a very intricate circle. After a few seconds the circle stayed lit up and started getting smaller. It kept getting smaller and I started to panic thinking I would actualy die. The circle got smaller and smaller and the floor and ceiling started to close in so that I had to bend down. This kept going on untill I was in the fetal position. All I could think of is I must get out. I reached for my sword(a sword I have carried in the astral plane since the first time I astral projected when I found it leaning up in a corner in my house) the moment I grabbed it and I felt a rush of power and the sphere enlarged just enough for me to pull the sword out of the scaberd. I was in a panic so I slashed at the sphere and it cut a slit in it I quickly dived out of it. Hitting my dresser and falling to the ground, but I didnt care these people had tried to kill me and I was going to keep them from doing that. I quickly got to my knees and lunged at the closest figure cutting him from hit to shoulder. I heard an ear splitting scream as he dropped to the ground and dissapeard. I quickly went after the other now in shock. After killing all 7 of them I stood there momentaraly still in shock. I decided to go back to my body but I could not find it or feal any link to it. After a few minutes searching since I had layed down in my bed only feet away from me, I decided I was screwed and then went on to explore my house intent of finding some kind of answer. When I opened my closed bedroom door (I leave my door open), there was a massive library so massive that you could see level on top of level so high there were clouds and a blue sky. There were what looked like birds flying. I could see a desk 2 simicircle desks set back to back to make a circle with a holow middle and 2 ways to walk behind them. There was one book layed open on the desk easaly a foot deep when closed. There was a man wearing a light blue robe ,with no hood, standing between the two counters. He waved at me I walked up to him and asked who he was. He said, "I am the record keeper I have been around almost since the begining." I asked him then if he could tell me how I could get back to my body. He just shook his head. I asked him if he know why I was atacked and he replyed, "I can not say." So I then asked if he could tell me who I am he replyed, "I can not only you can find that out yourself." So I asked him what he could tell me. He said, "I can tell you a story." I told him to go ahead. He said, "There was a beeing, what your culture would call a god, he floated in an absolute void, wondering about who he was, he wonder for a very long time untill he came by another beeing just like him, they talked, neither knew anymore than the other. They continued talking, wondering, looking, and then they decided that they would pass the time by seeing who was stronger. It was a rather perplexing idea because they both came to the conclusion at the same time. They fought for a very short time, the one that we started this story with beeing much stronger. They agreed that there was no point in doing that again with such a resounding outcome. At this time another beeing this one different, what is now called woman. They all greeted eachother. She asked why they had been fighting and the 2 beeing that resembled men reply we thought we would see who is stronger. She said she wanted to test her strenght the 2 men agreed the stronger of the two went first and there was a great fight that lasted for a long time ended with the man's victory. The 2nd man decided that he didnt need to fight her since she was not easaly defeated. So their new group decided to wonder on and came accross another beeing like the woman. They all greeted eachother and again the idea of a fight to see who was stronger. The two wemen fought and the 1st beat the new woman very quickly so the 2nd man and the 2nd woman fought the fight lasted a long time with the mans victory. They all decided to keep looking for more like them. After looking for a long time still nothing. The strongest of the group the 1st man came up with an idea if they were so powerful why not make a place that they could see more people. They all agreed and spent a time discusing this. The all pooled their powers and created the 1st plane of existance. It was a golden age with no death, no sickness, no poverty, no war. The light was warm the water cool, all the land was like marble laced with gold. The plane was coined the golden age. After a long time the "gods" got bored with this there was nothing intesting hapening, everything was the same. So they left and made the 2nd plane of existance. This was a darker place colder, but not uncomfortable, it was twilight all the time and was later coined the silver age. The "gods" again got bored with this and left. They created the 3rd plane of existance, it was a place where they could fight all the time where war was everything and they 4 ruled over it with iron fists. It was coined the bronze age. They were growing bord with this, and when they started talking about leaving the people came together to rebel against their gods. They left in a hury and created the 4th plane. And in their rush the 2nd woman got separeated from the group and thrown into the next plane but had no power or memory of who she was. The 3 remaining lived here looking for the missing woman. The stronger pair decided to leave while the 2nd man decided to stay. While leaving to the 5th plane the 1st woman decided to help look for her friend but got sucked into the new plane and lost her memories as well. So all that was left was the 1st man he decided he would stay here and look for the 1st woman, but he never found her. The 2nd man apeared one day having never found the 2nd woman and told the 1st man he was ready to move on and they came together to make the 6th plane. But something went wrong and the 2nd man lost his memories and power as well. The 1st man grew tired of waiting for the others and created the 7th plane. In making this, him beeing the strongest of the 4, he poored his power into it locking away his memories and power to later be unlocked so he could make a beakon for the other 3 to find him. When he finished with the 7th plane (the plane we reside in) he created his beakon. It worked better than he though but not how he imagined. It brought all 4 back together in this plane but they still did not know who they were or have any power. All for began to wonder reincarnation after another untill one could break the cycle." He stopped speaking so I asked him is that it. He said yes. I said is it true he again said yes. Then I asked him why he had told me the story and what did it have to do with me. He said, "I told you the story because you have a right to know." I asked him how many people knew this story he said, "including you and I 5." The thought poped into my head are you one of the for or am I one of them. Then I passed out and woke up in my room. I was cold, and I had one thing on my mind was I had to draw something. That night I drew the symbol that is in my pictures that resembles the one I'm using as my profile pic.

I dont know. I have my beleifs. I'm not looking for arguments. I'm not looking for dissbeleif. I'm looking for people that are intelegent enough to look past the loonacy of it and actualy give me incite into what this experience could have been.
And yes I do know the difference between dreams, lucid dreaming, astral projecting, and obe's
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Re: Odd experience
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Well the symbol is obviously one of balance. An inverted and upright pentacle surrounded by two circles, reflecting the two separate yet mixed symbols within. 5+5=10 and 1+0=1 so the numbers resounding are the power of 1 surrounded in the balance of both sides (yin and yang, darkness and light, spirit and physical, etc

I like it.

As for the whole story, I believe you but as for the meaning of it, I believe that is something only you can find out for yourself. Don't make the mistake of thinking you're a god though, remember the man never said gods, he said beings. I would really reflect on the story and find the riddles in it. I can definitely see this story given to you, is soaked in symbolism and and metaphor. It can be 100% true, but never assume face value. Its never that easy! Never!

Write this down and keep it always. Don't overthink it, years down the line, when the time is right, it may just make perfect sense.

As for the ones trying to kill you. I honestly think it was an illusion, albeit a convincing one. It was directly effecting your mind causing you to see and feel what was desired. Why do I think this? Because it seemed too easy. A whole group of people just let you strike them with a sword? No, it was a message, it had a meaning, it was no true threat. But a message you should still take seriously. Obviously you have enemies.

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Re: Odd experience
Post # 3
I get what you are saying and I have been reflecting on it for a long time now. Here is my rebuttle and my thoughts.

First I'l start with the interpretation of the symbol. I have no idea what it means but I do know the separate parts of it and what I think they could mean or at least what I interpret them to be.

The whole thing is drawn from the outside in not from the inside out. The outer section/circle is what I call creation, can be interpreted as good, positive, light, I dont know. I interpret this to be the initial creativity the initial power to make something happen. The next section/circle is again what I would call destruction, you can figure that one out. I interpret this to be the destruction that comes and the size going from bigger to smaller that is takes less energy to destroy than create. Then creation is the final ring before the pentagrams granted it is colored. I interpret this to be the creation that allways follows destruction the rebuilding if you will. Then the inverted and upright pentacle. I guess you could say they come together to make balance I would assume so, but the innermost circle beeing colored I'm not sure why it is I thought it might be that there is creation in balance but I dont think that is it, then it would not truely be balance. With the strange symbol in the middle. No idea on the symbol.

He did actualy start with
"There was a beeing, what your culture would call a god, he floated in an absolute void,...."

And as far as the fight with the 7 robbed figures, it was not a long fight and they did try to fight me but, and this is me assumeing, they did not put up much of a fight I think they thought whatever magic they were using would kill me and thats what they were counting on. I just didn't wright that down because I assumed it unimportant. As far as the bodys dissapearing there was alot of blod when I cut them I even smelled and tasted it, but the bodys slowly sank through the floor and dissapeared. Kinda like a scene in a movie where something melts in acid or acid melts through the floor but this time they floor stayed intact.
I dont know if it was real or not. Now that you say that I guess it could be an illusion, to get me to go through the door and meet the record keeper, but that I may never know. Granted a few other atempts have been made on my life while astral projecting nothing so real, vivid, or actualy close to sucseeding.

I realy appriciate your incite, and yes I did leave some details out because I wanted to see a different view instead of people just agreeing with my hypothosis.
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Re: Odd experience
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Well, to maybe give you some peace of mind, you cannot be killed while astral projecting onto any spiritual realm. The only time it can be dangerous is if you were to project into someone elses mind. That's because there is a link to the physical present.

You can be harmed/damaged while APing, but nothing that cannot be fixed/healed. So any being that attacks you while you are traveling is either trying to frighten you or harm you, not kill you. If they say that is their plan, you can laugh at them. Your life is in your body. When projecting, you do not carry your life/soul with you. If you did, your body would die, which obviously it does not. A spirit would have to effect your physical body, which is one reason why we wear and cast protections on ourselves.

If you ever feel trapped, it is always good to try and escape and not pull back to your body, because you could leave behind energy which can effect you until that energy is retreived. However, if you cannot escape, you can always return to your body. You don't need to find your body to do this. I personally reverse the feeling. Instead of falling or traveling forward as I feel when leaving, I pull myself backward and down.
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Re: Odd experience
Post # 5
Ya I get what your saying and I do know that, but this time I dont know it felt different and everything I tried I could not return to my body and was unaware of it to the extent I could not just open my eyes. At the point that I could not return to my body or even see it laying there 5 feet away from me in the bed is when I realized that something was wrong I dont know why I dont know how. That is the only time I have ever been afraid or surprised in the astral plane by anything.
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Re: Odd experience
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Ever consider that perhaps someone is testing you? Now I don't mean observing your reactions, but testing you in the sense of forcing you to use your natural ways. Obviously you believe in reincarnation and are seeking information on your past existence(s), based off of your post. When you ask for help from higher beings, they do things in indirect ways to coax you into finding out on your own. Situations where we must react upon instinct (being forced to not be capable of planning/thinking out prior to acting) tend to trigger our deep inner knowledge. For instance, someone who has never learned to fight, who has in a past life, if put into a situation of life or death, can and will fight resourcefully. Such events then cause the person to pursue these talents/avenues when previously they didn't consider them important.
I'll still stand by the idea that the attack on you was staged. And the man in the hoodless blue cloak could have been the very one who staged it. He refused to give you direct information. That is exactly the type of personality that will "test" you to cause you to react and learn through your own spontaneous inner knowledge. The situation called for only one possible escape, the very last thing you reached for, once you were in a state of panic and your instincts kicked in. Then, you wanted to run, wanted to go back to the safety of your body, but couldn't find it. Again, you were being blocked to only making one choice.

A guide or any being you ask to help you and become open to, has more of a reach into your mind than others. This is for a very good reason, you've willingly allowed them to and they need to in order to help you, especially if you are stubborn and don't take hints easily.

Congrats, you're on your way to finding yourself. Focus on the paths you were forced to take,, analyze what you did and how you did it, and begin applying it more often.

The symbol, your fight, the man in blue, and the story are your hints.
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Re: Odd experience
Post # 7
Wow, did you get later more clues about the SEVEN ones?
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Re: Odd experience
Post # 8
No not about the 7. But later I did find out that someone calling herself my daughter sent a group to kill me at one point. Still havnt figured out who she is either.
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