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No ingredients
Post # 1
I love magic. The problem is my parents think it's ridiculous and fake. I have been casting spells that do not require ingredients because if I were to purchase incense or candles, they would suspect something. What do I do?
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Re: No ingredients
Post # 2
you can continue as you are doing, for most ingredients except for things like herbal teas and potions are just tools to help you focus your mind and energies on your desired outcome for the spell. You don't need the ingredients if you can focus on the spell with only your mind like the other spells you have done. Sorry If I got something wrong with the herbs, don't have much experience in herbalism
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Re: No ingredients
Post # 3
can be replaced by a candle-fire. or make it a little like a bowl, sprinkling wood chips there .. but the burning smell can bring your parents. rituals to do better on the street.
herbs and plants can gather up the street.
In addition. Many ingridity can also find on the street, in the woods, bird feathers, stones and sand. You can find a lot of ingredients in the cemetery (flowers, mushrooms, berries, nails, water from the vases, etc.) - but to take something from the cemetery there should leave something in return. no other way. it is one of the rules of magic at the cemetery.
and another important rule: how much do you invest in a ritual for as you get the result. invested in $1 and get the result by $1. and speech, I'm not just buying the ingredients. your strength, faith, and training (energy expenditure), the ritual is also very important
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Re: No ingredients
Post # 4
I was taught that the "ingredients" that you speak of are more to enhance the ritualistic/reglious aspect of magic but hardly required. I personnally never use candles/incense etc. on a daily basis only for large elaborate Workings.
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Re: No ingredients
By: / Novice
Post # 5

Ingredients/ tools are very good and helpful, especially for beginners but not absolutely necessary. You may or may not use them. However they really do help but you can pretty much practice magick without any tools whatsoever. You can purchase some candles and if they ask you, you can tell them you bought them to change your room a little bit. Just a thought. But again, candles are not necessary. When I lived at my parents' house , I couldn't purchase ingredients/ tools either, so I would just study non-stop instead or do magick without any tools. Either that, or I'd make my own tools, improvise a little bit. Funny as it might sound now, it was fun! You say you love magick and I respect people who are willing to learn. Try talking to your parents about it and if they don't understand (There's Too much misinformation about Magick), you just have to be patient until you become an adult and get your own place. It's worth it, trust me. Moreover, there are many things you can do which require no tools whatsoever, you can meditate, without any tools, you can work on your chakras, energy manipulation and so on.

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