Wrong life ?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Wrong life ?

Wrong life ?
Post # 1
I kind of feel like I was born into the wrong life. I feel as if I was meant to be someone more... I don't know. Extravagant or easy going I think is the right term. What is this? Why do I feel this way? What could I do to see what it is?
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Re: Wrong life ?
Post # 2
We all want to be special, Hun. Now, depending on your beliefs you COULD argue that we all have destinies, we were sent to do something special blahblahblah, but personally I believe its up to US to make ourselves special! Go out and do something and be someone! But don't just sit around and expect greatness to come knockin on your door. Get up and go FIND greatness!

:3 Ainslee
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Re: Wrong life ?
Post # 3
Realize that most of my life you devote to others - is not easy. Perhaps you once told that to live for yourself - it is bad. Were you told that to be selfish - unworthy. What is women's share - to be for someone. Perhaps you took a cue from his mother or someone else very authoritative.
Do you want to - believe these instructions, you want - no. The main thing - how do you live with such a philosophy? Be honest. And if life is not comfortable (but a man can not be comfortable in someone else's life) - think about it.

You can begin to live not only foreign interests but their own. Worry not only about the mistakes of others, but to make your own. Make mistakes, though risky, but more interesting than other people's lament. At any age. Of course, you can come up with a lot of objective reasons not to start to do that.
Or you can make a different choice. I know eighty old women walking out on dates. I know grandparents who decided to go to aerobics. Mom going to the disco with her daughters - not in order to control, but to dance. And I know girls, aged to adulthood.
You can start to pick out yourself from wherever you find yourself once pushed. Yes, this is exactly the place that you think)))
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Re: Wrong life ?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Every teenager feels that way. But it all depends on what you do about it. Pick a goal and start preparing for it until you can reach it. But don't grasp your goals too tightly, sometimes life has a different plan than we do, many times a better one. People who have "bad lives" are those who reject or refuse opportunities that came along. Everyone who has lived a life they are unhappy about (and I'm talking middle aged and older) have regrets.

So my advice to you is to get out there and get things done. If good opportunities come to you, take them. The best ones come with sacrifice, so be prepared for change. And keep an open mind because life is full of unexpected things.

You don't need to be "special" to the whole world. You'd be amazed at how important it is to be special to just one person, even more and consider yourself blessed. I believe our life is as valuable as we are valued by ourselves and by others. But even though self esteem is important, ego doesn't give you any clue as to how well you are living life. If you're truly valued by others, you're doing something right. If you're not, then its time to reassess yourself and make changes. Usually it starts with leaving our comfort zone and reaching out to people.
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Re: Wrong life ?
Post # 5
And no one comments on my totally awesome inspirational speech. Seriously guys, that was a radd speech. Like, Martin Luther king Jr. Was jelous of that.

Anyway, the point it, you need to be happy with your life.
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Re: Wrong life ?
Post # 6
Lol. I don't know if it would make mlk jealous, but I do agree with ainslee. If you want a different life, only you can make it happen. And please don't ask for a spell. No one spell can do it, it's something you have to work at. I'm not saying magic won't help because it can, if it's done properly. Think about the things you want whether they be material or not. Write them all down, think about how you can get them and set goals to make them happen. I'm sure some you can use magic to help, some maybe not.
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