weird things.....

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weird things.....
Post # 1
I'm new to Wicca and I'm extremely nervous talking about this but I've been having some weird experiences. I'd just like to have some answers, but sometimes i believe gods/goddesses are trying to contact me. Is it normal to go walking in the woods and have your eyes instantly attracted to a stick that the end is shaped into the perfect hawks head? Then later have a dream to where you're walking through different woods in a long pure white dress with a full moon behind you and then be cast on the ground in to freshly churned earth and forcibly taken by a man you feel like you belong to but yet you just want him away and feel nothing? It was like a ritual. When i first had the dream i thought that the man was turning me into a vampire, but i realized later that his mouth was not on my neck and i couldnt see his face. It was like it was fuzzed out. I would just like some opinions on what these are and what I could do.
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Re: weird things.....
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It sounds like you just have some fears and anxiety over the changes going on in your life. Taking on a new religion is a big thing and can be a little scary for some people. I wouldn't put too much thought into the dream. The only thing I could see from it was feeling pressured and uncomfortable.

As for the shapes in the woods (like seeing images in the shape and form of other objects) that seems pretty normal. People who scry tend to see beyond an object and their intuition/subconscious alter perception in a way that subtly effects how they see things randomly. Its like the world is one big ink blot ready for us to decipher. But what we see isn't always a "message". Like dreams, sometimes its just a peek into our subconscious and othertimes its our intuition. In time you'll learn how to see the difference.
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Re: weird things.....
Post # 3
these were actually takin place before i decided to change. i forgot to mention that.
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