whats mandatory ?

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whats mandatory ?
Post # 1
I realized today I have very few " witchcraft tools" I have no altar, no wand, and no specific God I honor. I do have assorted gemstones, candles, tools to cast a circle, book of shadows and a charmed bracelet ( CHARMED, not charm) what do you use, or consider nessasary?
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Re: whats mandatory ?
Post # 2
You can always choose which god you honor it doesn't have to be the same one. It depends on the spell or calling or incantation that the tools really come in. Of course the best spells are the ones that you make and you can use what ever you feel necessary in them.
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Re: whats mandatory ?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
There's not really anyandatory tools or objects just common things that people find help them. Magic can be done with almost anything. An alter is often recomended but I suspect you probably do have one and are just unaware of it, an altar can be any surface you perform a spell on really it doesn't have to be permanant and you certainly don't have to buy one. Basically from what it sounds like you have more than the necessary resources, you can get more if you want but it's just whatever you find genuinely helps you in practicing. Just remember things that help everyone else don't necessarilly do the same for you, for example if you don't believe in the deity you're honouring then your unlikely to draw any strength from them.
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Re: whats mandatory ?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
myself, an athame and a book of shadows. i really love my athame, it was the first tool i got, and i keep it close to me. my book of shadows is another thing i keep close. i have a few, but my very first one i like to have with me. from there, i like incense, but it's not mandatory, two candles [one white, one black, but it can be a dark purple] for the Lord and Lady [even if you don't have one specific, you can use it for the Horned God and Triple Goddess] from there you just add and piece together. you don't need a wand, i've made a few wands, never used one once, i use my athame for pretty much everything. a charmed bracelet or necklace, sure, but you can get that whenever. my grandparents got me a pentagram held by two dragons when i was 13, i wear it every day, i put a protection spell on it every full moon and leave it in the window all night of the full moon. it's good to have something like that to protect you, but you can find it whenever. if you already have something you wear almost daily, enchant that.
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