I would like a mentor

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I would like a mentor
Post # 1
I am beginning in magic and need a mentor. Please message me if you would like to help.
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Re: I would like a mentor
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
What exactly do you want to learn?

Fir a beginner I suggest you start with what are called the "basics." These are basic practices that you will need, or at least a good idea, to learn for practically any and all paths. They are Meditation, energy manipulation, grounding, centering, circle casting, and protection. Not all paths have the same basics to go by. But these are general practices that can be implemented and just good to know and do. You can find them throughout the forums and even in the articles. You can easily find them using the search bar in the top right corner of your screen.

Other than that, just study and learn about magick and the many different paths and practices. Keep in mind that magick is not a mere quick fix, easy solution to any thing. Many things you will not be able to do by magick. Many things you can do. But some are better with magick; and some without.

Good luck in finding your path, learning, studying, and practicing.
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Re: I would like a mentor
Post # 3
Hello my name is Rachael. What brought you to this path? Before proceeding you should first look inward and ask what is it you wish to accomplish and why. If you find you still need a mentor, I would be honored to assist you on your journey.
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Re: I would like a mentor
Post # 4
I agree with Rachel that looking inward is the first step then I would research different types and the basics to which you are called. I would be happy to help guide you along your path, if you would ever like to message.
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Re: I would like a mentor
Post # 5

Magic? By magic do you mean Witchcraft? There are lots of denominations of withcraft. There are lots of traditions. Witchcraft is an umbrella term. I suggest researching about these denominations. For example if you like Celtic wichcraft then reasearch about it. If you like Santeria then study it. If you want to follow your own path and traditions that's called Eclectic.

If you would like to get started mail me.

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