Grounding & Centering!!!.

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Grounding & Centering!!!.
By: / Beginner
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Hey guys, so my previous article was about Energy Manipulations , this one i am doing right now shall be talking about Grounding & Centering , Hope you will like it, leave a comment with your opinion on it, but as you wish. =)

Now, Centering:
The first thing you need to do is to visualize yourself, When you look into your center you should see a "ball" of energy located at near or between your solar plexus(chakras). Once you see the energy at your core,all you need to do is just to focus on it focus on it. Take a few moments to really feel that "stability" and "security" of yourself.

Once you have found your center, centering yourself is quite simple. Find your center and focus on it for a few moments. When you try this for the first time , it might actually take a bit of time to center yourself in the correct way. After you practice for a while, this will be much quicker, When you focus on your center, you should feel yourself becoming more balanced. when you do start to feel actually more balanced and well.. "peacefull" with yourself, you have done it right.


Now, What is Grounding exactly?
Grounding is an act of "connecting" your energy to the earth. It is very useful to people as a way to clean their aura, when unbalanced for example. all the time you pick up all sorts of energies to yours, for example from people, yeah but energy is in everything & it is sort of way to "balance' yourself , of course meditations are good too, for everything as well.

Now, before doing that, so i haerd that for some Centering is the first thing to do before Grounding.
I haerd that some people can ground without centering with no problem, but some people experience panic or dizziness if they try Grounding first. This is when people are usually with weak or damaged centers. Find your center first, and make sure you know how to center yourself just to avoid any potential problems as what i menttioned above or more.

What is next?!:
Now, visualize yourself , yeah. you should already have found your center when centering. When you find your center, you will notice that there is a lot of energy "floating" around in your aura that is not your energy.well everyone has that, so no worries ,to ground yourself, simply just focus on all that energy that is not the part of you and "push" it into the ground.
You may feel calmer after it But if you still notice any anxiety or worry, you should ground yourself again. Focus harder on "pushing" everything that is not yours into the earth.

Ok, and why into the earth?
Earth is knows as absorbing negative energy very well, and
it is not hard, & it is helpfull, even for every day life. so..

Good luck guys with Grounding & Centering !!

Hope i helped you guys,


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