easy potions?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> easy potions?

easy potions?
Post # 1
Is there any potion that you could make with normal stuff, like salt or things that you could actually find in your kitchen?? I want to see if potions actually work, but I'm 16 and I can't just go and buy.. whatever.. plus my family doesn't know about my path as a wiccan. Please help...
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Re: easy potions?
Post # 2
I really don't think there is any specific things you can do about this. Be careful....that's all I have to say. I hope someone can help you.
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Re: easy potions?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I think You may be expectin g too much from potions, for it;s not like in movies. Water exposed for several hours to the light of the Full Moon is essentialy a potion , often called Lunar slime.
Some colognes and perfume s due to their composition have magickal properties, example : Florida water ( Blessing, Purification , Spiritual work , Glamour ) Hoyt's cologne ( Luck in gamble ) Old Spice perfume ( Clarity, Success )
and so on.
Some Olive oil, over which Psalm 3rd has been read, will make a brillaint headache and backache healing potion.

You mentioned salt, Bless than salt , and Bless some water. Add pinch of that salt to it, stiring and blessing the mixtur e once again. Voala, You have Yourself Blessing water, which works brilliantly a s banishment and exorcism agent as well.

What spices do You have in the kitchen ? Basil infusion with some salt, makes great floorwash to counter negative magick, and If You add sugar and Rosemary instead of salt ( household ingredients ) it will make a nice wash that will end arguments and instill peace where spread.

Sooner You ralize few thinga about the Art of ptions the better:

* it is not just swish and flick type of magick, same goes for magick in general
* Potions can not be made out of nothing , You give a lil and get a lot, You invest in magick You invest in Yourself. Who says You have to bye everything, invest time and effort learn about material for potions and collect them Yoursel
* be modest, patint and reasonable - You can not expect miracles to occur on Your whim or tossing a bottle of potion against a floor or wall. No puf and smoke, glowing lights and such, magick works discretly and gradually, mimicking and supporting natural way s, not like populare culture depicts i t

And for crying at loun, do learn about ingredients before You try to put them together , If You had not already

and an example:
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Re: easy potions?
Post # 4
Thank you!
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Re: easy potions?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
potions are any spell mixed with a liquid, so a tea, bath or brew can also be called a potion.

very simple one, take some honey and some lemon juice, add hot water, and you've made a soar throat cure. charge it with your energy, or say a chant to make it a potion.
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