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send me strength
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
send me strength... i seriously need it. not physical strenght but emotional strenth to follow through with what i know that i need to do. I'm just scared.. but i know i need to do this. so please.. .send me strength.
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Re: send me strength
Post # 2

You have to overcome your so called emotional problems,if you are a dark practitioner as you stated it yourself on your profile,then you should learn to accuire one of the attributes a dark practitioner has,not by spell,but by your own will.

Like for insatnce,when i feel depressed or feel that the whole world is against me,I dont allow these emotions to over-run me,because i dont allow them.

These emotions only make me stronger,more vicious,more hateful towards everyone,it reminds me of the world we live in and the people within,it reminds me of what they actually deserve.

Dont take these emotionslikea heavy boulder on your shoulders,think of them as Chakras,each time one chakra opens you feel renewed,as if something awakens within you.

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Re: send me strength
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
i don't want to feel this way.

could you show me how to do this?
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Re: send me strength
By: / Novice
Post # 4
normally it's through soul searching and meditation, it's a very personal thing. or you could use herbs to help your emotional issues, or talk with a psychiatrist depending on the severity. just try the meditation first, if after a few weeks nothing's changed, look into other options. just my opinion.
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Re: send me strength
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
i asked for strength because i'm about to end a very long relationship. my mind is made up, i just need strength to go thru with it. anyways, i'm not going to go off on that..
I don't want to feel like this pile of sh.. anymore. I would much rather be filled with dark. Hell_spawn, you talked of this. how did you get to that state?
and nekoshema, what herbs are you talking about? i'm open to that
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Re: send me strength
Post # 6

The state of hate is easy.

How to accuire it:

Have you ever been bullied,have you ever been left alone,your friends leaving you behind,your parents looking down on you with such dissapointment that tears would come out of your eyes.

Remember that sadness,the sorrow,the pain thatwas so heavy in your heart,your breath becoming more and more harder to breath in as if someone was choking you.Remember the day when your friends where planing something,like a party or a hang-out plan in a mall or at their house,and you would say *Can i come too?* and they said *No* feeling rejected and alone,as if no one cared about you.Remember those days when your bullies would wait for you at school or in a corner,just so they could harm you and ruin your day,how defenceless and weak you must have felt,and there was no one to help you.Remember the fear that was haunting you everyday and would leave you restless.

I want you to bring all these negative feelings back,look into a mirror and ask yourself this question *Who do you think you are?*

Feel the unsatisfied hate,the unherd voice within your body,the unseen evil that you hold in your damaged heart.

Feel this,bring these negative emotions,these feelings of malice,hate and anger.

And screeeaaaam!!

See how the entire world has turned against you and you would love to have your hands around its throat!!

Do not allow them to over-run you and spit on you,no no noo.This time you over-run them and spit on them,their families and all that they hold dear.

Do not shy from anyone.

Do not fear anyone.

Do not listenor obeyanyone.

Do not care for anyone.

If somebody challenges you....You never walk away,look'em in the eye and make them regret ever challenging you into a fight,if hes big and strong,use rocks,bottles,anything you can find on the ground,fight dirty,kick'em in the nuts,poke his eyes,take a bite and rip his flesh.

Be remorseless,Be merciless,Be vicious,Be hateful,Be emotionless.

This is how you become dark,this is how you become evil........This is how i became one.

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Re: send me strength
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
Hell-spawn, that doesn't seem very healthy. No matter if the practioner walks a light or dark path, they should seek peace/calmness. Negative emotions, whether it be fear, heartache, hatred, jealousy etc, although natural should be RELEASED not swapped. All of them are not only harmful to your mind but for your body too. Hate is fueled by anger and anger causes high blood pressure and adrenaline which weakens the immune system and causes unnecessary stress to the heart among other things.

I would suggest connecting with a feline spirit for help. Look through them from domestic cat to lion to the cougar. I would suggest the cougar personally. All felines are confidant, independent, and self sufficient. They can lend us inner strength and balance and most importantly willpower.
Learn all you can about the animal on both a scientific and spiritual/symbolic level. Get a picture of one, or draw one (I even like putting an image of them as my phone's wallpaper). Sit down with it and meditate. Call out to it and ask it to come to your aid. Continue doing so until you either feel its presence, see it in your mind, or receive another sign. When it comes, offer it something (hint all cats love milk, even the big ones) and tell it kindly to stay with you and lend you its power. Mind you, its "power" is merely the attributes it has, traditionally you would ask it to lend you its "medicine".
Then meditate on connecting to the animal by imagining and feeling as though you are the animal. Let it take you over. Do this until you feel the connection has been made. Then return to feeling as yourself, ground, center, and thank the spirit for its gifts. Anytime you feel you need the feline's support, call to him in your mind or focus on an image of the animal. The feeling of their medicine should wash over you when the animal arrives.

May the spirits guide you and bless you. You are a healer and healing has no room for hatred in your heart.
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Re: send me strength
Post # 8

I never said it was healthy,now did i >;)

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Re: send me strength
Post # 9

I understand completely and you are right,one should take joy in life no matter how stupid people can be.

But the problem is that,my joy comes from hating and loathing.

It is who i am,I enjoy having this black cloud around my head,this sickening feeling and the sinister thoughts that my mind is filled with.

I love to hate :)

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Re: send me strength
By: / Beginner
Post # 10
i'd say that hell_spawn or the other dude didn't help at all. thanks Whiterav3n and i'd say that i'm a fox :3 it's my spiritual animal and the site that you put up described it well, i guess is should lean on her more, eh?(:
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