Monroe Technique

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Monroe Technique
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Researcher Monroe provided some straight forward steps that can be employed to help achieve the frame of mind required to astral travel. Remember that everyone's journey is going to be unique and while these steps can help you, your experience should, and will, vary slightly. You may not get instant results but as with everything with practise it will become easier.

How to start astral projection.

Begin by finding a pleasant place in your home free from distraction. Be certain that youre in a stable and peaceful location. This is often laying down or in a comfortable seated position. You could drift off to sleep by accident so make sure you are safe and secure.


Begin breathing deeply and focus on getting your body into a calm state. Thats exactly the purpose of this task, simply inhale,and breathe out, concentrate on it, and relax. The idea is to get your mind and the body in sync, focused and relaxed. you begin to fully relax you will find the fringe of consciousness. Your thoughts are going to be awake,however your physique will be in a condition of rest, almost sleeping. Once you have achieved this, its time to set your mind to work.

Clear The Mind

When figuring out how to achieve astral projection, this is the most difficult phase. Try not to be frustrated or impatient if this requires several attemps to achieve it, it is rarely instant. You have to completely clear the mind of all earthly thoughts. The cognizance of one's body will fall away and you will find youre functioning only with your mind, it may seem relatively dreamlike. That is a key state to find yourself in. You might experience tingling, vibrations or a buzzing while you move across this stage. That is typical and predicted.

The Last Step
At this time, you'll be free to split from the bodily realm. Some discover it's easiest to roll from the physical body, a few think it is simplest to imagine climbing a rope yet others merely drift in the upward direction like a helium balloon. What ever mind image works for you is exactly what you want to do. At this point, you might be free to commence exploring the Astral Realms. You've attained separation. Thats just about all there is to it. Just repeat, repeat, repeat until you accomplish it. It wont occur quickly, so take your time. The advantages of relaxation and meditation in and of themselves provides you with tremendous benefit. Understand that getting to know your inner self is a crucial move to make by itself.

If you follow these vital methods and practice, you'll accomplish your ultimate goal. Remain calm with yourself, this is a prolonged adventure and the travels will be unparalleled, but give yourself time. Like all good things it requires practice .
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Re: Monroe Technique
By: / Novice
Post # 2
This is actually something worth being stickied I am often asked by my students how to enter that perfect trance state, I believe I will recommend this more often as I know it makes proper sense and form. Thank you very much Mio.
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