Frightening dream...

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Frightening dream...
Post # 1
Merry Meet all :)

Last night i had a rather frihgtful dream. I can't remember All of it, but here's what i know:

It started with two chickens- one of them being my pet chicken (Beauty :) and the other possibly my little sister's chook. I don't know why, but they were covered with sand till they were completely burried, and then we were digging up the sand to see which one was alive and i found what i am very certain to be my chook dead. I was really upset. Then i was in a house- one that i'm not familiar with and i think i i was homeless. There was a guy next to me and i knew that he was dangerous so i started backing away. He pulled out a knife- it was sharp and very shiny- and he chased me trying to kill me. I was running everywhere and people where trying to trap me. There was one point in my dream where i had found a small place to hide with two or so other people and they were showing me the little bamboo trees i was apparently growing. Then the people found me again and came towards me and i woke up. I was rather startled and i am really worried about my chook. Does this mean anything? I have such long vivid dreams in complete colour every. single. morning. And they are never the same- is that bad? Thanks to all who answer :)

Bright Blessings,
Willow )O(
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Re: Frightening dream...
Post # 2
Also we had a rat in our lemon tree so dad put rat poison up in an aim to kill it. Now there is rat poison on the grass by the chicken pen and mum and dad told me the night before this dream that we have to make sure we don't let them out incase they eat the poison and die. Would the part in my dream where my chicken dies just be out of fear or is it something else?
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Re: Frightening dream...
Post # 3
It seems like a normal nightmare, but it could also mean to keep your chickens away from the poison. The part with the man chasing you and stuff may also be a simple nightmare. Just pay attention to what's around you.
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