How to have an OBE.

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Forums -> Astral Projection -> How to have an OBE.

How to have an OBE.
Post # 1
What OBE means Out of Body Experience which I found out just now. This post will explain more about the post "Realms and Astral planes".

So if some of you are confuse about both astral plane and projection and need help then this will really help a lot. Have any questions: mail me and Ill be happy to answer. :)

The overall strategy:

Our main focus is getting you to how to have an out of body experience as soon as possible. Whether you astral projection or lucid dream is not important as we will be working on both of these technique simultanceously. You may be thinking that its probably better to focused on astral projection or lucid dreaming exclusively as if working on both of these technique at the same time may spread you too thin. But you'll be fine. :)

Practicing Awareness:

Practicing awareness meansbeing fully engaged in the present moment without allowing any space for the past or future. This means living in the eternal now with an empty-mind, allowing everything in the present moment to be experience d without bias or judgement. In other words, stay aware of the present moment at all times and keep the mind-chatter at minimum.

The mind gets bored very easily and will start to wander off. This is known as "daydreaming". If you'll notice, the mind will always wander off thinking about the past or the future while oftentimes blocking out the present moment. Practicing awareness, as simple as it sounds, requires a great deal of practice.

So how does practicing awareness can help OBEs? Every night when you are sleeping, you are in fact having an OBE. You are already on astral plane. The problem is that a lot of the people, places,and things that we experience on the astral plane are projections of our subconscious mind. Just like we daydream in our physical reality we let our mind wander off on the astral due to this lack of awareness. This makes it difficult. Toknow if things that you're experiencing on the astral are real or if they're just projections of the subconscious mind. The more you cut out the mind chatter on the physical plane the less thought projections exist on the astral plane resulting in more real and vivid OBE.

Practicing awareness helps astral projections by making it easier to stay conscious as the body falls a sleep. It also helps in having lucid dreams since lucid dream require that you become aware that you're dreaming within the dream at some point. As long as the the mind is in the habit of wandering, the less likely it is to induce an out of body experience and the quality of the OBE's that you do will have suffer as a result.

Asking yourself "am I dreaming?":

The reason why this technique works and why its to important is because just in case you are dreaming, asking this question will help you become lucid . The will enable you to become lucid within your dream when you start to see things that seems out of the ordinary. If you're not sure if you're dreaming, give yourself the finger test.

Dream journal:

Note: keep journal by your bed when you sleep or fall asleep.

There are points where you forget dreams and try to remember. Just get a notebook and write down the dreams you remember after you sleep. This is very important so you can increase your OBE.

Now time for business. All you need to do:

1: Lie down in a comfortable position- its very important that you get into a comfortable enough position so you need to roll or readjust your body in a way. Don't not move around and if you have an itch, you have to ignore it.

2: Full body relaxation- in order to relax the body properly, relax each body part individually starting with the feet and working your way up the body until you've done every part. Do not rush through this! Tense each muscle slightly before relaxing.

3: Breath awareness- slowly and deeply and exhaling slowly. Don't count breaths. Once you got the pattern down where you don't think about it no more the time to on the next step.

4: Heart awareness- keep heart at normal rate.

5: OBE precursor- you might experience vibrating, rapid heart beat, and buzzing sounds. Don't be alarmed when it happens.

And there you have it. :)

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Re: How to have an OBE.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
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