Need help, I'm haunted

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Need help, I'm haunted

Need help, I'm haunted
Post # 1

I have been living with a ghost ever since i left my parent's house 3 years ago and i need help getting rid of it.

At first i thought i was just hallucinating things but now, I know for certain that i am not alone.

It all started a year ago, i woke at night and heard somebody whisper into my ear "Honey, wake up.". I decided to ignore it and thought i was probably just going insane.

Ever since, I'm feeling watched, I became depressed and anxious, i wake up in pain and my things disappear.

The most recent encounter was 2 days ago, i wake up at night and heard mouse clicking sound coming from the computer i closed before going to bed. I opened my eyes and it was now open.

At that point i decided to start doing something about it.

I tried explaining my problem to multiple white magick forums but, wasn't able to get past account validation on each of them.

I went to bed and hoped maybe i would receive an email the next day but unfortunately by that time, things got worse.

I woke up today with bruising all over my body, just like i had been beat up in my sleep. I guess it knows what i'm up to and warns me to stop seeking help.

So you see, i really need help here.

How am i supposed to make it go away?
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Re: Need help, I'm haunted
Post # 2
I am by no means knowledgeable in this field, but I would advise you to stay way from the house as much as possible until you can get some help. If it can bruise you, it may be able to do worse.
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Re: Need help, I'm haunted
Post # 3
Seek help from a Experienced Priest right away
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Re: Need help, I'm haunted
Post # 4
Sure, spirits are all around us but here's the thing.

Good spirits doesn't stick around, they're either alive or live on a higher plane of existence.

What i am dealing with is either a bad spirit imprisoned here or a bad spirit coming from a lower plane. AKA an idiot messed with a Ouija board and opened a door he couldn't close.

Calling a priest is out of question.
I don't believe in religions, i think it's just a way to dumb down and control the masses.

Which is also why i came here because I did study the occult/spirituality for awhile but stopped because while it may be the key to our existence, i still don't agree with the rules.

Anyway, i thought all i would have to do is complete a ritual but now if i need to be experienced too i guess i'm just gonna have to live with it another year.

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Re: Need help, I'm haunted
By: / Novice
Post # 5
first, no, 'good spirits' don't all cross over. they are good people who died in an accident, or defending a loved one, or even was afraid to day. for whatever reason all spirits are stuck here for a reason they choose or it's in the circumstance of their death.

it doesn't really sound evil to me, it sounds like it loves you, but you're ignoring it, so it's getting upset. spirits are like people because most were people, so talk with it. ask it what it wants, calmly explain your side of things, and ask if it would leave, or if some sort of compromise can be found. if none can be, and it refuses to leave, then you may try a purification on your house. as it stands, you should wear a protective charm and just talk with it as you would anyone else.

you said you don't believe in religion, so find a symbol or something you wear often, and get that purified. leave it in a bowl of salt water in the sun, that should work. you don't like the rules of the occult? what were you studying, the only real rule is as it harm none do what thou wilt, and not all believe that, only wiccan's. if you just believe you are a witch, like Laurie Cabot, then it has no rules whatsoever, just those factual ones about magic.
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Re: Need help, I'm haunted
Post # 6
I'm feeling much better, you just confirmed what i had in mind all along.

A gay & violent spirit is in love with me. It makes sense, it would explain why i sometimes wake up with a terrible ass pain.

I knew i was different from the start but that's pretty fucked up.

It's like having a forced relationship with a violent, jealous, invisible rapist. I just hope it won't follow me when change apartment.

lmao, I'm definitely gonna get some tonight for saying this.

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Re: Need help, I'm haunted
Post # 7
You can get a few sage smudge sticks and a hand fan or a feather or something along those lines,burn the sage and use the fan or whatever you're useing to direct the smoke to the conrners of you're property,while forcfully telling the spirit to leave,than anoint the entry ways(doors windows etc)with vegetable oil,it's a native american ritual,sorry if i spelled anything wronge.
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