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By: / Beginner
Post # 1
Lately I have had a very uneasy feeling. About 2 1/2 weeks now. Over the past couple of days I keep catching "someone" out of the corner of my eye coming on the back porch. Only problem is there's no one there.........
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Re: figures
Post # 2
If you get an uneasy feeling, it's probably a spirit trying to mess with you... you shouldn't worry, just ask him/her to leave you alone. If the feeling you get is more like paranoia and jitters... be safe and cleans your porch
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Re: figures
Post # 3

If you feel uncomfortable about being on the porch because spirits maybe bothering you or giving off negative energy. It is best to do a cleansing spell or ritual to help get rid or banish any negative energy/spirits. If they are harming you any way or trying to then i would do a cleansing. sage is a wonderful herb to use to banish negative spirits and energy.

Take the sage stick and burn the sage stick while taking it around your home and pourch. You can use the stick wave the smoke around the areas of your pourch you wish to help cleanse. This should help with the negative energy.

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Re: figures
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
Thank you, I actually ended up doing a cleansing of the whole house... it feels so much better now, so far I havn't seen anything more....
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Re: figures
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
For future reference, if you ever see a figure repeating the same action over and over again or in the exact same place constantly, it is most likely not an actual spirit but an impression. Impressions can give equally bad feelings if the action that took place or the person performing it was in a bad mood, had fears/anxiety, or was just a very negative individual. They can also be formed through fears or desires as very basic thoughtforms. Impressions can last years and can be as annoying as the sound of a telephone ringing to as creepy as a shadowy figure (or merely the feeling of a presence) climbing the stairs behind you.

The worst impressions are ones people leave behind when they get hurt! Ever keep stubbing your toe or tripping in the same place over and over again? Cleanse the area! I hate those impressions. When someone trips or falls, they can create a thoughtform from their fear and anxiety at the spot they hurt themselves. They are usually consciously more careful around the area and continue to feed the impression for some time. This is also common on objects that tend to always hurt people. I had a kitchen knife once that was always out for someone's blood! One person cut themselves badly on it and it was downhill from there. I had to smudge it to save my skin. No one had a problem with it afterward.
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