Increase a personal trait

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Forums -> Spell Suggestions -> Increase a personal trait

Increase a personal trait
Post # 1
This spell is designed to bring out/ increase a specific personality trait. It is only a temporary boost in that trait. It requires knowledge in basic energy manipulation. Also please note that I?m still working on and Im sure there is still much to change about it.

Produce a ball of your own personal energy. No specific type, simply the basic energy that is you. This energy has in a sense all of your traits, what makes you the person you are.

Feel through this ball of energy and search for the trait you wish to increase. It helps to envision the energy ball in your minds eye and as you search through it with your mind, focus on seeing the trait (as what ever you think represents it the best) rise to the top of the energy ball.

Once you have found this, let it grow bigger. Remove the other parts of the energy ball until it is mostly this single trait. Take this ball of energy and place it within your chest. I envision it glowing and its effects spreading all over my body.

Tell me what you think
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Re: Increase a personal trait
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Seems a little more complicated than necessary. Animal spirits (commonly known to most as "power" or "totem" animals) would be much more beneficial. You could alternatively carry herbs or stones with the characteristics you wish to amplify within yourself.

I don't like the idea of "removing traits" because it could cause an inbalance.
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Re: Increase a personal trait
Post # 3
Well your actaul traits wouldnt be removed just because you removed them from the small sample of energy. Only the small piece of energy would have traites removed not your whole body.

And yes it is more complicated than it should be, however this could be used if you were not able to got ahold of such items at that moment.
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Re: Increase a personal trait
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
Touche. Alright then, in that case good post. How might one who isn't empathic find the right trait? My advice in this case would be to evoke the trait by concentrating on it into a ball of energy in the hands. Forming the act of the trait in the mind and focusing it into the ball and giving it the color that corresponds.
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