I require some help.

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Forums -> General Info -> I require some help.

I require some help.
Post # 1
I am having trouble because I did astral project for the first time yesterday, but now I am having ALOT of trouble getting in the right state of mind even for meditation. Could someone offer their assistance?
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Re: I require some help.
By: / Novice
Post # 2
I may not be the most knowledgable in this field but I will offer my assistance anyway. Try relaxing, something as taxing and new to you such as astral projection has probable just upset you, lay down, close your eyes, perhaps light some candles or smudge sage. Just ground yourself and do what is natural. I do apologize if this was not helpful.
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Re: I require some help.
Post # 3
Well it at least is something Gekko, but I will keep pushing on with it and hopefully will be able to sort it out. Thank you.
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Re: I require some help.
By: / Novice
Post # 4

I agree with Gekko actually. Taking the time to meditate and re-organize yourself can be very helpful, especially when you feel off after doing a working.

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Re: I require some help.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
Did you ground and center afterward? When you project and don't ground and center afterwards, you mind will continue to "wander" and you can feel very out of it. You need to bring yourself energy back to your body fully. My favorite way to ground and center is to stand or sit under a tree (the tree is optional) then like a tree, feel roots come from you and drive into the ground below, concentrate on this and let them drive as deeply and spread out as much as possible. Take a few deep breaths and feel the ground below you and its energy mingle with yours. Then reach your arms up in a relaxed position and see in your mind branches spread out above you just as tall and wide as your roots are deep and wide. Take a few more deep breaths and concentrate on both the branches and the roots. Now focus on the trunk (your body) and just embrace the sense of being the tree. At this point, if you are feeling in need of cleansing you can draw energy from the air/sun/moon through your branches and into your body, pushing the garbage down through your roots and into the earth where it will be absorbed and purified. Don't do this all at once, pull in a little for every breath, seeing the good energy come down into your body and the unhealthy energy being slowly pressed down until it leaves through the roots. If you just feel low on energy, I like to alternately breathing in and pull in the energy from my branches, pull it to my core (body) breathe out slowly letting it fill me then breathe in again pulling energy from the earth, and continuing to alternate until I feel good. Always remember to come back to the "trunk" of the tree with each exhale. And if you take too much, let it down through the roots. Then end by pulling in the branches, a few deep slow breaths and then the roots. Then meditate and you'll feel great.
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