gnomes and faeries

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gnomes and faeries
Post # 1
How does one attract a gnome or a faerie? Well, for the gnome like creatures the bad ones, in my tradition or culture, live in the bowels of the hills, while the good ones live in the mountains. A little different between the two. Never felt a faerie and I don't know anything about them. I have an affinity for the 'bad' gnomes, and that's just me. I do know that these nature spirits most likely live away from human interaction, as much as possible.
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Re: gnomes and faeries
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Fae are attracted to thyme plants...I learned that the hard way. I had a potted thyme plant on my balcony and the mischief began. I put out honey offerings on my altar and they stopped harrassing me.
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Re: gnomes and faeries
Post # 3
Ooh, thanks. Sounds like I need to make a part of my home, like a jungle. Good mystical spirits, sounds like. Thanks. I think it would be a good thing for me to attract something that will bring more balance into my life. Faeries and gnomes and honey. . . and Arwen. Just thinking about nature spirits brings a sense of balance to my life. ;) I'm not stuck in between worlds, after all. :)
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Re: gnomes and faeries
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
If you want to attract more you could look into creating a Fairy Garden. You would need to do a little research on the types plants, stones, decor, that will attract what you want to come, plus it can be fun and gives them a place to play without causing too much trouble, those are also good places to meditate, especialy if you want to work with those types of beings. I haven't made one yet, though I have been looking into making one for a while now, I just haven't gotten around to it
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Re: gnomes and faeries
Post # 5

That is really interesting, i always wondered what it was like to attract different types of spirit entities or beings into your home or around your home. I always thought of doing it. But i don't know much about on how to or about them. Since i am still learning a lot myself. But i think it would be interesting to have fae in your home. Unless they cause you trouble lol.

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Re: gnomes and faeries
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 6
Indeed transforming your back garden in small heaven will attract a lot of insects and wild life and also fairies .I agree with WhiteRav3n they do like thyme and i brought for them variated one it looks so beautiful with its green and white leaves .I grow everything in big pots and containers so you can create a garden even in shady and small back yard if you have got passion for nature and plants .Also they like primroses ,roses of any sort ,herbs ,foxgloves ,bluebells .You can also make a small house for them and leave them a bit of offerings such honey and milk .I mixed plants they like with some exotic plants in different colors and texture so it is joy for the eye .It is nice spot for me to rest after work and for them to visit too .So they benefit i benefit and wild life too .It is amazing what we can create with a bit of work ,creativity and passion .:)Fairies love people that care after nature and people who have passion for music and arts ,they can relate with such individuals better .
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