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Forums -> Misc Topics -> coinsidence?

Post # 1
Ok so this week I went on vacation to have a nice relaxing trip, but it turned out to not be so relaxing. It seems like whatever I think actually happens. I'm not sure if its a coinsidence or not, so your opinion would be good. For example, I thought of how cool it would be to find a lot of money on the ground, and I did. Then I went on a biking tour with a group on some busy streets and hoped nobody got hit by a car, bad idea. When we stopped for a red light, a motercycle nearly ran into one of the bikers. Then when we went on a boat trip on the river, I felt like something bad was going to happen and later Someone fell out of the boat...its really scaring me but I'm not sure if its a coinsidence or what. Please post your option!
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Re: coinsidence?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
It's your intuition not you causing it. You're picking up the subtle hints of what has a good chance of happening and youre processing them as just your own passing thoughts. Listen to them and give warning when you sense something. Something as simple as telling someone to becareful can be enough to prevent an accident, by making them consciously alert. You don't need to tell them its your intuition. Many believe in gut feelings and instincts. Animals can sense far beyond us and it is believed we have these same abilities, they're just rarely listened to. But remember, the future isn't written yet. Having a good idea of what will happen is the same as predicting what direction a boulder will take while rolling down a hill. People are creatures of habit and instinct, and their actions and reactions in certain situations are predictable with just a bit of careful observation. But that observation paired with keen intuition/instinct can be a wonderful aid in life.
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Re: coinsidence?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
When I first meet someone, and I get such warnings, I'll tell them in subtle ways. For instance "becareful, drivers can be crazy at night", "hey, why don't we go this way, that street is too dark", "maybe you should move that glass, its too close to the edge of the table and could fall". I look like the worrier, but it's easier to reason with someone than tell them you're intuition is telling you something. Eventually, after knowing me long enough, they begin to listen to me because they realize my "instincts" are correct, especially after they see how often I'm spot on. They won't come out and say anything directly about it, but they usually start coming to me for advice and telling me private information, despite how little we know each other.

Use your gift to help others, but learn to recognize it before relying on it. Right now you can't recognize it as anything more than passing thought. Only you can observe yourself and learn to recognize the difference. Once you do, it will be a wonderful tool. But remember, we are not perfect, the future isn't written yet, and we won't always be right, so use your common sense and don't do anything foolish. We sense these things because we tap into the interconnectedness of all things, what I call the web of life. We are all connected, therefore we are all capable of doing this, however few actually take the time to listen.

By the way, it can also be used to decipher present circumstances and is actually far more accurate that way, all you have to do is focus on it with an open mind and pay attention. I suggest picking up scrying, tarot or the runes to help train your mind.
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Re: coinsidence?
Post # 4
Ok thanks so much for the explanation
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